Wednesday, 30 December 2009

nicely toasted

your hideous smile
ambush mine
in that reflected light;
arrested I stand on top of thee
I meddle with your hands
tackle you to the ground
your doozy look can fool others
(mainly that woozy limpet in your arms)
you don't have a single bone in you
otherwise I would be gnawing you to pieces
a caricature of a poet, a
(read this fact in his own words)
here I toast to you
one of my masterpieces

"I bow almost to the ground, topple over on top of you"


I dedicate this poem to
Percy Bisque Silley: A Romantic Dandy who accused me here, that I have forgotten to write poetry. I reproduce his words for ready reference:

Percy Bisque Silley said...

I do not count Mineself amongst thy Toadies and shall not leave the sort of vain and idle "Rah, rah!" to which you have grown accustomed, Miss.

Your words here are a poor excuse, if I may be so bold, for a Poetic Post.

No doubt you languish on a sofal watching your American football on your widescreen TV from your flat in the Bronx and cannot be bothered with a poem at this time...

With Stern Reproofly


  1. Enjoyed this one..

    Happy New Year

  2. interesting :) Have a wonderful New Year!

  3. Ah, people are so different, so I suppose you should be happy if some hate your work, as such a passionate response also means some love it.
    It's being seen as mediocre that is the killer.

  4. You cant please everyone, but I was... nicely done.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Jeeves and Dee: I find your comments both enjoyable and interesting, Hemingwayesque and ho-hum.

    Dear Anthonynorth: Nay, my fine Avuncular sir; the Killer is being taken seriously no matter how manifestly SILLEY one behaves.

    Ms. Tripathy: As to posting my Stern and Withering rebuke, I admire thy courage but much Fear that your Readers appear to misjudge the nature of our Learned silliness. They are a bit dole and dour, are they not?

    Gentle Readers Who Be Dole and Dour: I would commend thee to my recent post concerning bran cereal. A good bran in the AM can do much for the Personality.

    Ms. Tripathy, again:

    Go Figure “Gautami Tripathy”

    Gautami Tripathy I don’t know
    Just where the accents in your name go;
    If I put them in wrong
    ‘Twas not worth this song,
    Which I’ve metered in triplets Tripathy.

    Tim Remp (“Remp Roast”): You was nicely done indeed, and, if I may say so Sir, by thine own words.

    PS, Ms. Tripathy: I begin to doubt that your Commentators are actually Reading and Following this Learned correspondence.

  6. An interesting back-and-forth. Perhaps Mr. Silley would like to join our collection of 3WW players and contribute?

  7. a...a roast as well as a toast. clever.

  8. I don't think the words are hiding anything here - rather revealing a very strong and determined character.
    Happy New Year.

  9. Yet again you have managed to amaze me. I am always pleased when I read your pieces.

    Wishing you the best of 2010!

    3WW for Dec 30th, 2009

  10. You two kill me lol love this writing and your Sir Silley
    I bow barely and fall on my padded knees, Sir

    dishpan, word verification...ok dispan but you know had to say

  11. Very interesting!

    Have a great Happy and Healthy New Year.

  12. Nicely toasted...and well-done.

    This kind of reminds me of the MC battles of various rap artists from the 80's...but better, of course.

  13. Laughing. The title works so well. Happy New Year!

  14. I enjoy writing these:

    >>a caricature of a poet, a masquerade <<

    into fiction.

    Brava, my friend.

  15. I enjoyed your poem, it was full of fun and discovery. Have a really Happy New Year Gautami! I hope it is filled with adventure and love!

  16. Enjoyable exchange! Here are my favorite lines:

    you don't have a single bone in you
    otherwise I would be gnawing you to pieces