Friday, 1 January 2010

two zero one zero

two zero one zero
a year with two, one and two zeros
what difference does it make?
troubled world,
traumatic minds
this can't change with turn of the clock
here I sit and ruminate
about global warming
and unrest all round
I helplessly watch my creativity
pouring forth
from this self-destruction of humanity
stuck in the quagmire
going only deeper and deeper

out of nowhere
a childs' lilting laughter fills those zeros,
& reinforces the beauty that is life
I say it aloud yet again-
two zero one zero
a year with two, one and two zeros
it does have wings to fly and soar


WIshing all my blogging friends a Very Happy Creative 2010!


  1. Gautami,

    Have a very Happy, and Creative 2010 too!
    It's my great pleasure to have a blogging friend like you. :)

  2. As I'm zero'ing the new year, I am most grateful, for all those wonderfully talented souls out there, that touch a part of me everyday...Gautami! you rock ;)

    word verification says, and I'm serious coitus ok coetiera, but wouldn't that be a coitus for a Queen...sorry still on Sir Silley this morning...virtually


    two zero one zero
    zero times two or one plus two zeros;
    I get so confused.
    What difference does it make?
    Or do I add? Divide? In sum,
    If I have two cookies
    And You take one
    This can't change with turn of clock
    Can it? So here I sit. I ruminate.
    So what about unrest and climate change
    Plus that inconvenient matter
    Of how my Creativity
    Doth thunder from my Breast
    Yet must alas, then rumble fast
    To Fitful stop in Quagmires
    Deeper and steeper,
    Higher and deeper –
    This makes, what… I count
    Three troubles then I think.
    This stinks!

    A little girl laughs liltingly
    Yet lilts are really hard to count.
    “How many lilts?” I ask aloud.
    “Oh, don’t you be a silly bore” she doth reply
    And then her lilts turn into snores.
    Two categories then, the lilts and snores
    My head be spinning from a’ keeping scores.

  4. Please don't blame me if Sir Silley gets killed one of these days..

  5. Thank you for illuminating the wings of the new year, Guatami. And thank you for creating such a vibrant community for poetry. I will be seeing you on the Poetry Train in 2010. Happy New Year!

  6. I like this alot. And I like seeing your photo in the sidebar :-) You are so pretty. Happy new year.

  7. Hi Gautami,

    Happy New Year!

    I am making the rounds of my blogroll. Lo and behold, here you are, bright and creative in ushering in 2010 with your innovative poetry.

    Here's to life, laughter and love for all of us.


  8. Don't worry: life isn't a question of numbers in socially accepted systems. It is what we make out of it. Lyrics, for example. Like you do. Happy new year!

    Best wishes

  9. Good Gautami, I must say, your poem is most excellent. However, the poem upon your thread written by that Silley fellow has the greater profundity.

    This may be because you are only a woman. Your efforts are commendable; still, you must spend long hours primping your hair, tugging at your skirt, curling your eyelashes, etc. A man like Silley has only to consider the odd protruding nasal hair and therefore has great Advantage.

  10. nicely toast Gautami..Just got off the phone from a dear friend of ours who is back in Goa...where my partners sister me thinks we will have to go to India this the have a lovely photo on your profile....cheers from Canada

  11. I'm sure your wings will fly this year, just like your poetry.

  12. Hopefully it will fly in the right direction for us all.

  13. A beautiful poem to start this new year. We can and will fly. Art will take us above and beyond all that is ordinary and transform the ordinary into art, too. Artists like you do that all the time.

  14. I liked the uplifting turn your poem took at the end. Yes, sometimes the state of the world can leave us very disillusioned. Beautiful write!

  15. nice one...

    wish u a creative 2010 as well Gautami...

  16. 2010 indeed. I guess I have seen my last years with two zeros. Sigh. I am troubled also with what is going on in the world, wondering the legacy I am leaving my two boys. Sometime, the simple things jump out, giving us hope that maybe, just maybe, there is hope for us all. Happy New Year!

  17. great take on the prompt dear...and very interesting and this Sir Silley for patiently doing something unique, but I admire him for his patience...:)

    have a great week ahead!

  18. right, no different than any other year.

  19. It goes around, it comes around. Your poem shows the depth of concern and hope that we all carry now. Lovely work. Happy 2010 to you!

  20. I love the looping effect of the form melding with the 2 zeros of the year - nicely done.

  21. Lovely, "a child's lilting laughter fills those zeros" Happy and creative new year to you.

  22. Two zeros. I like them like i like the dark of moon.

  23. I hope it can soar on those round wings!

  24. nicely done!

    Happy 2010 to you!