Wednesday, 6 January 2010

the saga continues

in that grecian urn,
Sr Silley burns
I put gasoline

along with limey beans

I think of tiny nibbles
over his poetic quibbles
yummy, I smack my lips
(while he bumps his burning hips)

I laugh at his fear,
he weeps over his fiery rear

I say, go baby go

don't be so slow
let the fire get you

let your face get more red than blue

I add a bit of wine

for that hateful s*ine.

oh my! my head pains

and in that instant it rains

all my plan go down the drains
Sir Silley is saved
and words to that effect are engraved

here lies the pseudo-poet, almost-

if only he had burnt to nice toast!

"thus our animosity continues with all shades of epic hues"


  1. I dare say that Sir Silly is a breath of fresh air in this coccoon of commoplace known as cyberworld.

    How marvelous it is to have in our midst a man who is single handidly ressurecting the King's Anglysche.

    One can only hope that his efforts will annihilate the egregious deconstruction of our beloved "langwidge".

    How I have longed for a champion to confront the forces of evil who wreak havoc with their bloody hooked on phonics approach to life!
    Such a man is he.

    A pox upon I Can Has Cheeseburger and other purveyors of "inglush".

  2. hmmm maybe it wasn't meant too, maybe someone threw that horribly most fowlish mix out and accidently put out the fire, pig in a poke, sad, really

  3. Ms. Tripathy: Your passions burn; you must examine your subconscious feelings...

    Anthonynorth: We be awash in a veritable sea of the beautifully surreal; your comment is surreally beautiful and so it really stands out.

    Donn, or if I may, Sir Donn - for verily, if thou be not Knighted then I know not why God should save the Queen: your sagacity and linguistic audacity stand as a shining Bloggy on a Hill.

    Lorraine: You seek light in a cave. I'm afraid that we must request Ms. Tripathy to choose subjects that can be approached with greater directness and clarity and with far less passion. I often recommend the chicken poem.

  4. Delightfully funny!

    Love the s*ine - not that it would be improper to spell it all out nowadays, but you have to think for a sec what letter that * might stand for. My first flash was "shine", before I came up with the double u :)

    Can I ask you a favor? Would you mind signing up as a follower of my blog?

    World So Wide

  5. I am deeply in love with Sir Silley and cannot help myself. As his maid it would be most improper for me to tell him so. I vouchsafe my secret here, trusting that none will tell.

  6. Fantastic!The last line has left me with a big grin on my face and a sudden craving for a slice of toast.

  7. gautami - It is Sherlock Holme's birthday today. It would be such a tribute to send Sir Silly packing and then let Holmes, etc. investigate. You remind me of Irene Adler to Silly's Holmes.

  8. Hi Gautami, dead good! Love the way you make this rhyme.

    btw, if you're not too busy primping your hair, The NaiSaiKu Challenge? and The American Sandwich game are back Online from today.

    Andy Sewina

  9. So enjoyed this! Have to say yours was another 3ww I had missed so good to see that you're still around these parts and still writing so cleverly and intriguingly!

  10. Nice work, as always,
    And glad to see you back in action :)

  11. ...interrupted a battle here - i'll just say I try to write to a fair standard of English - but it often comes out Engl-ish...

  12. Sir Silley, stop calling me dumb it hurts my low intellectual form

  13. Lovely and witty :) You continually get even better

  14. maybe a novel lies in wait - the dialog rendered into a new tale of lit.

  15. A poem from the rabbit hole, so to speak! Great visuals.

  16. It nearly sounded like the Sir was cremated along with the meal!

  17. Cheeky :) Always great fun to read a poem that throws itself out there with attitude!

  18. This made me smile. It was really unique in my eyes. Dare I say to Sir Silley to rest in peace?

  19. I really enjoyed the fact that you combined both prompts here for COT and 3WW. This turnd out great!

    Time Escapes Us

  20. note to self - do not make this writer angry and if you do? Do not accept a dinner invitation LOL

  21. Very funny and sarcastic, good job!

  22. nicely done again...looks "right" to me...thanks again for sharing your words

  23. I love that you've brought this feud into the rwp. It's wonderful fun. (my favorite is the nibbles/quibbles couplet)

  24. "Nibbles/quibbles couplet" quoth "Briarcat" – O much besotted Beast!

    Thou churlish craven Cat, and all such Modern meme-sayers here that offer flattery upon Gautami’s thread, I'll wager that you know not what a couplet is, nay, nor eye rhyme, nor near rhyme, nor internal - nor the difference 'twixt an English and Italian sonnet.

    Verily I think you wouldn’t know, had you but ice cream, if it had or had not a cherry on it.

    Boldly have I bent my brow and bust my brawny brain and plied my tawny well-trained quill to play the Sour Pill back upon my blog to Taunt you all.

    Check it out!

    With Brazen Insults all-round,

  25. Ouch. It seems like your words burn with a fire of their own. This reads like a skeltonic, and the rhyme is nicely executed. Good job.