Saturday, 2 January 2010

ghost's tongue

your tongue lashes out
electrifying words fall in-
new leaf shrivels up


As I am a mere female, I can't write good verses. How can words come out when I am kind of busy primping my hair (whatever that means), doing my nails and all the other suff that females do? However, I will make
Percy Bysshe Shelley (ghost of) eat his words. As he can't eat anything else (remember he is a ghost), words ought to revive him from his smelly grave. So much for supporting Sir Silley!


  1. Really...Sir Silley is dead, dead? I thought it was just wishful thinking on your part...Hmmm a ghost, well that's charming, although he's totally wrong about you! You write like a a nightmarish kinda way :)

  2. Wow! Powerful images, especially in the first two lines. I think Shelley got to eat his words!

  3. No Time for Poesy Now!

    mine eyelashes out
    electrifying curling iron
    feminine mishap

    Ladies, I understand your constant business and feel that it is meet and comely that you should seek to appear as attractive as possible to Dudes and Dandies such as I.

    Moreover, as Sir Alfred Lord Tennyson explained, comparing the mind of woman to the Mind of Man:

    “Like moonlight unto sunlight
    And like water unto wine.”

    Yet please… Lorraine and others… I must beg (after a most Manly fashion) that you should not confuse me with Shelley, we are altogether distinct. His writing is Passable yet in many respects he is a knave.

  4. Long live the new leaf! :) Happy 2010!

  5. I am in the dark as far as all the other Sir Silley and Shelley comments but I like your haiku!

  6. Here's to a bountiful new year, to help the leaf uncurl and grow. Creative people will always have hecklers. Don't let it phase you; they're just jealous. ;-)

  7. no matter my manly man ghost, I thought Shelley was a woman, I'm feel faint, the vapors you know

  8. Game, set and match to you...
    Happy New Year.

  9. I need to ask my husband about this, Shelley is a poet he likes. Til then, though, I love your poem, and do understand. Of course, women compose while doing other things, aren't we multi-taskers?

  10. I like how you made the turning over a new "leaf" literal. Excellent!

  11. You go girl! I'd much rather read you than Shelley any day!

  12. You go girl! I'd much rather read you than Shelley any day!

  13. A mere female?
    Surely you jest?

  14. new leaf destroyed - men destroy
    lovely poem written - women create
    loved this :)

  15. that is a powerful image in a short verse!

  16. To write means to hurt. At best it hurts everybody.

    Poetry which doesn't hurt anybody isn't poetry. And poetry which cares about others is on this even and comfortable way, too.

    Let's keep on walking the rough road!

    Best wishes

  17. To R Broeker - because "to write means to hurt."

    Sir, I respectfully submit that your words, as it happens, make no sense:

    "Poetry which doesn't hurt anybody isn't poetry. And poetry which cares about others is on this even and comfortable way, too."


    Sir, I should be happy to debate you in any forum on Poetics. My own theory begins with substance: a poem must be on subjects that inspire and uplift the spirit, for example God, the arts, nature or domesticated produce/poultry.

  18. First, even though it has a darkness to it, I like your haiku very much.

    Second, Percy Byshhe Shelley (1792–1822) is a poet from the Romantic era, and he was married to Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein.

    Third, Shelley died in a boating accident. Shelley's heart was snatched from the funeral pyre by Edward Trelawny. Mary Shelley kept it for the rest of her life. Don't think anyone grabbed his tongue so . . . .

    Enjoyed the poem and comments.

  19. Yousei: Is it not clear that I grabbed his tongue?


    Percy Bisque Silley

  20. Tami, what do you mean a mere woman. You are a very creative writer and poet. This is a good one.