Sunday, 20 December 2009

at the junction of mind over body

I have learnt my lesson
now I walk and walk
in straight lines
and circles too

come to a sudden halt
at the junction of mind over body
what went wrong
when did it happen

that I simply let myself go
after all those months of lethargy,
I am unable to touch my toes

In the next few months
I have dared myself to be
as streamlined as an arrow


  1. Ah, the motivation to exercise. I know I feel so much better when I make it a part of my normal routine. My thing is cycling. I do it mostly year round. It gives me a better perspective. While not an arrow, maybe I am a slightly lumpy broom handle. :)

  2. The mind will get the body there--and they will be united.

  3. Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down until it goes away ;)

  4. I can relate completely to this one! Oh, I loved this...just a couple more weeks until my renewed exercise regimen begins. Great words!

  5. Like Sandy said, the mind will get the body there, but be gentle with it, with yourself. Your results will be much better.

  6. thoughtful and positive......well said!

  7. Well said my friend, Tami I wish you the best of luck. I have been trying for a year. When I still could run I was slim and fit.

    love, Melanie

  8. Exercise is so important. A timely message as, here, we're about to feast for Christmas.

  9. Well, you gone and captured the essence of MY life this year. Even though I know I'm not alone, I still find myself lamenting, "What happened?"
    Nice job and a wonderful take on the prompt!

  10. If only I liked exercising more than I liked eating!

  11. This sounds like one of those new year resolutions I make and forget about after a couple of weeks. Best of luck!

  12. Eh, touching your toes is overrated. Then again, I'm a certified gym rat, so what do I know?

  13. As long as my mind is in shape, my body can wait...until it drives me crazy.
    Mmm...word verification...

  14. I hope your arrow hits the target. Just wish there were some good exercises sitting at the keyboard.

  15. Hi Gautami;

    meeting the target needs strict discipline, of mind and body, too!

    have done that, been into that and still trying to meet the target, but i am at the point of surrendering, consoling my age that maybe it just comes with age...:)

    very nice work dear!

  16. Good one...just in time for a new year's resolution :-)

  17. "after all those months of lethary,
    I am unable to touch my toes"

    Gee... "lethary" sounds like a most unfortunate condition. When I was a lad I had a leather baseball Glove that was similarly much too stiff - too lethary, one might say - and I would no sooner catch the ball than 'twould drop out of my mitt dismayingly.

    "Gee,” I would exclaim upon such occasions, "My mitt be far too lethary..." But sometimes I would drop both "Gee" and ball to stand there entirely speechless and “Gee-less,” as it were.

    At other times I would utter "Gee whiz!" Occasionally I would grow very letharic and stop my play for the day, a Gloomy Gus or perhaps “GG.”


    Percy Bisque Silley

  18. the mind will win somehow and the body will follow eventually...

  19. Picking up on one of your words:

    tree toads
    all afternoon
    this lethargy

  20. Hi Gautami, so sorry I've not been around for ages.

    Love the bit about walking 'in straight lines and circles too' did I ever tell you about the time I couldn't stop walking backwards?

    <3 U as ever

  21. Good meeting! I like the way this reads!

  22. This captures my everyday battle so well ! :)
    If it were play instead of a chore;
    exercising would be way more fun!

  23. Good luck! A battle many of us face - but the prize is worth it! Feeling better, more energy, beign able to squeeze into smaller clothes :)

  24. ..
    I can touch my toes but I can't see them!
    This is a cute little poem, every after the holidays should paste your poem to the refrigerator door.