Tuesday, 8 December 2009

no moorings

Have you ever felt that you had no moorings? Right now I am feeling that way...

Yes, I will find my way. But don't know when...


  1. enjoy that! (I think in positive)

  2. No more rings
    No more ties
    The silent solace of tears
    Beneath emotive skies
    No moorings
    No holds
    just empty spaces
    bansihed albums
    full of once friendly faces.

    Sometimes there are no sticks to throw for your dog or pebbles to skim and instead we just have to look at the glassy surface wondering if we are the ones a drift and the oceans are solid.

    Are you on the water or on the shore? Are you drifting away or watching the horizon? Do you want a sail to crest through the distant sun light or to vanish into the greying?

    Love and Energy,

  3. P.s
    That was banished not bansihed ! Although I quite like the word Banshied instead !

  4. Just let go and let yourself be. You may not realise, but you are being held.

  5. Happens only to the very best...take it easy girl x

  6. sometimes it's fun to just float on your back