Saturday, 26 December 2009

lured into lord's lair

sore from sitting all day
on the floor,
heart tore to bits,
harsh reality flares
in deep gorge of her mind.
she rues the day, she was snared
by his false charm.
lured into his lair
facing scorn from all.
one of those rare times, her
family had tried to warn her
about how ordinary people
like them should not
dream high. as time passes,
darkness prevails, her lord barges in
with the torch, his eyes boring
into her downcast head.
she ignores his marvellous profile,
her flair for dramatics intact
in case he decides to
torture her further.
studiously ignoring her, he retreats
after serving her delicious
pieces of cooked hare,
hunted, carved and hoarded
from last summer.
somewhat satisfied
she falls asleep with soaring dreams
of an unicorn flying in to save her
like in folklores she reads.

"if only she had learnt her lesson from her wanderlust thoughts"


  1. It's a dog's life - or some such animal. that's how it sometimes feels.

  2. quite the piece Gautami, based on a previous life?

  3. Sometimes a captured one will turn and bite the hunter.

  4. a bit like a piece of a fairytale, and it has that tone also, I like it

  5. That wanderlust can sure have snags.

  6. Waanderlust has its up and downs. I don't blaame her for not giving it up.

  7. Wow, what an interesting piece... THanks for sharing.

  8. Well that's men (or beasts) all over. I do hope that her unicorn releases her and takes her away. Mind you, you hinted at his good points. Intriguing and enjoyable piece of work.

  9. as we simply do not learn from all this wanderlust nature of ours...

    that's simply life...

    nice work Gautami!

  10. A mythical wanderlust. Sometimes, the dreams are enough. Nice poem!

  11. A powerful piece and somewhat angry piece. Brilliant as ever.

  12. My first feeling about this poem was "I want to give her a hug and take her out of there"

  13. To be lured in and caught, perhaps chasing a dream. This poem speaks of raw passion and maybe some anger. Nothing wrong with chasing our dreams, though dreams cannot always be captured. Nicely done.

  14. seems like learning to NOT follow dreams is an almost impossible lesson to learn. Here's hoping yours turn out just as you imagine!

  15. ordinary we are, high we dream, far we fall. enjoyed lured!

  16. Stunning and startling. This makes me wonder about how each person in a relationship is somehow a power broker--even when it seems unlikely.