Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Judah's Lion by Anne Caston

"Irony is beyond a boy like mine. As is symbolism.
Allegory. Metaphor, too. All is literal with him
though that doesn't rule out a wildebeest,
the one he meets each morning in the fallow field
beyond our yard, the one who lies beside him
each night now in the dark......"

Title: Judah's Lion,
Author: Anne Caston
Publisher: Toad Hall Press/2009
Pages: 96

One of the best books of poetry I have come across. Anne Caston writes about pain. But with courage and compassion. Suffering and endurance both co-exist. Written with beautiful language, this collection of poetry has the power to uplift us in the sheer pleasure of reading it. The rawness touches us. Yet the beauty of poetry sustains us as nothing else can. This book is for keeps. Anne has dedicated this book to her autistic son. That in itself touches our soul.

Now my versified review:

I let the words engulf me
& fondle my mind

just then feelings kick in,
I feel so elated.
a veritable treat,

a sumptuous feast.


  1. I like the idea of a review written in verse.

    Which makes me want to track down this book!

    well done.

  2. A really cool versified review! enjoyed it... :)

  3. Very creative way of reviewing !

  4. I love it when a poem touches me in this way; it's a wonderful gift. You expressed it beautifully, and I'll have to look this poet up. Thanks for telling us about her!

  5. wonderful review, wonderful poem. Will check her out, now.

  6. Thanks for info on book. Neat review and very nice poem

  7. Sumptuous is a hard word to blend. But as for the other two words, I read the verse twice to be sure that all three prompts were included.

    Well done and very skilled to draw me in in so few words and allow me to forget the prompts.

  8. Well done G. I'll keep an eye out for that poetry book :)
    ps...that's my kind of review lol

  9. So clever - reviewing poetry with poetry! It's like something a Japanese noble of a thousand years ago would've done. I just finished reading The Pillow Book a few weeks ago, and the Heian Japanese were mad for poetry!

  10. The book will go on my poetry list!

  11. I love the poem. It adds a lot to the review.

  12. But where is the pain?

    The wildebeest? Do those bite?

  13. What a fantastic review. Great job.

  14. Hello Gautami,

    Now, after those eloquent reviews in prose and poetry, I will have to track down this book of poems.

    It is always a pleasure to visit.