Wednesday, 9 December 2009

nature copulates

black vines entwine
to walls in the countryside
thunders bring in the cold night
trees welcome embracing rain
just like lover his beloved

soil awaits its turn
soaking in the water
to its core through it pores
quenching its thirst
as never before

lightning strikes
showing the nudity of nature
in all its splendour
in the arms of water
pouring as if to consume.

the storm abates
hunger satisfied,
each single part replete
the earth settles about
after orgasmic release


  1. Very nice imagery here, Gautami... Nourishing your roots!

  2. I like this.
    The orgasmic nature of the storm
    The turn of having water behave like fire, consuming rather than being consumed, is a nice touch.

  3. Oh WOW, there is so much more to water than we see, and this is Outstanding!!!

  4. A clever, passionate use of the prompt.

  5. Two phrases, images, here that are well intoned, so interesting, and caught my ear.

    "lightning strikes showing the nudity of nature" and "in the arms of water pouring as if to consume."


  6. it's been raining so much over here.
    but now i see it differently.. :)

  7. This was wonderful! and such a surprise, you write so beautifully about relationships, to go in a different direction was an un-expected treat. And yet, the relationship was still in the good!

  8. I appreciate the afterplay of the Earth. I will remember this after the rain storm which is expected. Until now, I never recognized the clear, crispness as afterglow but now... the whole world is new... thanks to YOU! :-)

  9. Hi Gautami,

    This is a great interpretation. Nature arouses strong passions.

  10. I like the way you use the storm as metaphor - especially the lightning illuminating the scene.

    Or are you using the implications about sex as an inverted metaphor here? ;)

  11. from Therese L. Broderick -- I like how the lower-case letters in this poem lend a feel of intimacy, a closeness to the scene, an organic natural sensuality. In agreement with the above comments by Barelyaudible and Paul, I really loved this great line:
    "lightning strikes
    showing the nudity of nature"

  12. I like the imaginative extended metaphor, how the passion of process in nature is as full of ardor as our own.

  13. I really like what you have done with this....nice use of metaphors for sure.....thanks for sharing this

  14. I love that you chose nature and I feel this poem connects to Copenhagen in so many ways. bravo for that one! The other day I was feeling sad for the trees around here because our rainfall average is way below what it used to be in the fall. We have had really dry weather here over the past few years. It rained all day yesterday and snowed a little today so the trees have "hunger satisfied". Thank you for sharing, Gautami!

  15. The storm imagery made me think of all the old movies that employ this device.

  16. I've always found storms extremely sexual and you've definitely captured that quality.

  17. Great descriptions of the sensuality of nature. I like this line "soil awaits its turn" -

  18. I like the idea of sex as a storm.