Saturday, 12 December 2009

lure of the silken threads

a world of web, spider weaves webs steadily
with gossamer silken threads chained strong
waiting to swoop for an unsuspecting prey
to fall into that parlour of smoothened edges

resistance is useless, as the lure of unknown

breaks it with skill. well versed with the art

of story telling, clairvoyance too comes forth
to conclude that breaking. wings smeared

with honey cannot fly away. crawling out

of it, with so much dignity, difficulty- victim

gets away, cleansing away that stickiness;

shaking to core, it flies soaring to open sky.

if friendship was the agenda, it had to fail-

spider’s web can draw, yet it has to let go

promises never made, can never be broken-

persistence can never turn into persuasion.

mind’s rivulets have the potential to hold

another mind to ransom, yet with strongest

of will power, it escapes. it has to, for its own

sanity- out of nothing, no life can be built.

a world of web, spider weaves webs steadily

now it is with words, which are meant to pierce.


  1. I feel guided to pull out the line that got me: promises never made, can never be broken-

    if one promises.... it is best to follow through

    your poem makes me say; ouch

  2. This was a very interesting journey, and yet it is the end of this journey that spoke to me the loudest ...

    "a world of web, spider weaves webs steadily
    now it is with words, which are meant to pierce."

    ...because in my post, I think my words will pierce.

  3. is indeed a very good and wonderful much to learn, with morals, too!!!

    thumbs up to you!!!

  4. Old Grizz thinks you write good poetry. nice work

  5. ah! we thought almost similarly... you speak of the spider- I speak of webs! great poem!

  6. You've gone far and wide here. A real web.

  7. Your comparison of the spider and web has a dark edge in the first part, then a crafted comparison to people, friendship and the pain that sometimes results. I also finished reading and the end made me say ouch. Well done, indeed.

  8. I have an incredible need to break off my chains...I love this, but my escape would never be as soft

  9. You've spun a wonderful web of words here...loved it!

  10. The poem draws me in, yet it almost feels like two poems. I can't decide who to identify with -- the narrator = the spider? the narrator = the bee? I'm hoping for the bee but those last dark lines suggest the spider! The structure of the poem is also fascinating. My favorite tension point in the poem is the line "to conclude that breaking. wings smeared/ (I'm thinking of death), and then the poem goes on "with honey cannot fly away, crawling out" (again hope, and I'm with the bee, struggling, suffering. A powerful poem.

  11. I too liked the line 'promises never made, can never be broken'...promises can be the stickiest things...

    Lots of thoughts here--thank you, gautami--

  12. Out of nothing, no life can be built.

    Man, that's just perfect.

  13. how true...

    spider can entice but not let go..

    this is wonderful..

  14. I've often wondered why the prey is always so unsuspecting. :) It is true in humanity as well. Interesting and provocative poem!

  15. So eloquently drawn, this poem, these thoughts.

  16. I would rather be euthanized by a spider than suffer the pain of cruel words.

  17. I like the way you knit this together, like a web, the feeling of entrapment and the joy of freedom... Nicely done.

  18. this had the feeling of choking to me, you spun this one very well.

  19. so interesting........I love this!!

  20. Then toe to toe, will to will, tit for tat 'twill be, Missy...

    With regards to your most recent and most venomous remarks upon mine own goodly blog:

    Wither and whence are you really from then? Your knowledge of American vernacularisms (e.g., "NOT") is far too obvious for me to believe that you are truly Indian.

    Is it the Bronx then?

    Meant to pierce,

    “On Guard…”


  21. It is amazing how frail a spiders web can seem to the eye and yet it has such strength at the same time.

  22. Tami, this is a very powerful poem. It speaks of more then natures glory , the lowly spider web. It is as if we all get trapped at one time or another. Wonderful.

    love, Melanie

  23. how easily we are seduced, how deep the hurt