Sunday, 26 November 2006

Word List....writing exercise

The following is the word list given to us to write a piece of prose on those unrelated words.






I wrote this:

I brushed my lapel of the remains of the duck I have had. As there was a bird-flu scare, I hoped the duck had developed antibodies after it had been injected with the antidote before it had been killed for dinner. I did not want to end up in the coffin with my life ejaculated at the speed of jet-plane!


  1. Now, i could not do nearly as well as you did!
    Very good guatami!
    Have a good day!


  2. thanks Kranti and Margie. The next will follow soon. That is kind of difficult and I can't write it instant.

  3. Please do not brush me off for dispensing this mental ejaculate about the antibody that has yet to be isolated from the Avian Flu which humans contract from fowl such as Chicken and Duck, but most victims will end up in a Coffin! that OK?

  4. clever and creative. enjoyed.

  5. You did great, Homo. More comming your way.

    Thanks polona!

  6. Umm, how many lines? How about this one, not sure if it's too long...:
    “Ejaculate!” he said to his little friend while he was in the empty bathroom. It was a busy day at the funeral home. He saw the log that morning and counted half a dozen coffins scheduled for delivery. His sexual life had suddenly been interrupted by continuous 12 hour work days, keeping him away from his new wife, whom he kept very much in his mind, arousing every cell in his body, even the antibodies that for a while left him feeling sick like an old duck. He finished his business, exited the bathroom and moved toward the brush to continue work on Mrs. Delmonte.