Sunday, 19 November 2006

Best shot

truth will always sets us free
for our salvation, it is the key

life's small struggles will go on
my responsibility of it will be my own

time has indeed made me grow
no hurrying about but to go slow

no tantrums, no more blame game,
at end of it, i don't want any shame

we all need time for retrospection
this helps us in mind's rejuvenation

change is the only permanent constant
but with our actions, we want it instant

it never happens the way we wish
life's enveavours has taught me this

give your best shot in all you do
it will definitely see you through!

Nothing original here. Sometimes one just needs to pep talk to oneself. This is my way of pep-talking to myself. Please bear with me for this tripe.


  1. It was a very good pep talk!
    Nothing tripe about it!
    Very good poem!
    I like it!


  2. I agree Margie! Not tripe! A very nice poem.

    Sometimes the best pep talks come from within.

  3. pep talk or not, this is very nice :)

  4. Very well said! These are the things that are necessary to act on in order to contribute worth to this life.

    I admire your pep talk very much.

  5. "it never happens the way we wish"
    How true, but sometimes it's better. :)

  6. Agree with the self-pep talk. It helps. Also, a very nice poem. My blessings to you Gautami.

  7. Pretty good conversation, I think!!

  8. Thank you, my friends. I needed to do this.