Wednesday, 1 November 2006

conjecture of my mind

i glance into my mirror;
see you unseeingly.
my gestures mechanical,
thoughts instinctively
desiring to be closer.
i turn to be with you-
as usual you disappear
inside my mind.
i am left with
staring at my reflection,
thinking who is this?

am i the one who is
conjecture of my mind?


Mirrors fascinate me. I could make stories of those. I used to get lost inside a mirror when I was a kid. Even now I sometimes get lost....


  1. interesting... i've never been too attracted to mirrors.
    i like your poem, though.

  2. gautami ... guess when you look in the mirror you look at yourself ... when you meet someone they too are your reflection.
    There is a desire to be closer to our real self. Thank you for sharing your poem

  3. This is so interesting! I would love to read more of your fascination with mirrors.

    I'm so glad that I came.

  4. You should really get behind the looking glass and try mirror writing! Mirror writing is formed by writing in the reverse direction so that it appears normal when it is reflected in a mirror.

    Leonardo da Vinci is famous for having written most of his personal notes in mirror.

  5. i used to like to hold a mirror in front of a mirror and see all those receding images
    nice one
    (thanks for looking in) :)

  6. They are fascinating, though I wish they'd lie once in awhile!! Good poem!!

  7. polona: most of the times mirrors show us what we would rather not see, hence our fear... Thanks.

    trinitystar:Welcome. I see a hell lot of things when I look up in the mirror. I can build up great stories out of those.

    queen neetee: you too are welcome to my space. One of these days I might take on your suggestion.

    homo escapeons:Believe me, I have done mirror writing. I used to write cryptic messages for my brothers. We were great at using codes other than this.

    floots: I know what you mean..thanks.

    pat paulk: I wish that too!

  8. I enjoyed your thoughtful poem. Thank you.

  9. I agree about mirrors! Sometimes when I am not expecting, I see myself in a way that makes me feel split apart - then in an instant - it is just me again.