Thursday, 9 November 2006

Mushy! For want of a better title....

reaching out gently,
i softly feel you
while you sleep.
finding your heart
i listen to its beat
unison to mine.
i cherish the
timeless moment
being careful
not to wake you.

nuzzling you
i fall asleep.
in the stillness
of night, you stir
beside me.
without a thought
you pull me closer.
i smile to myself
and give in to the
raging fires.


Wrote this after reading those mushy romance novels(15!). I know it is very predictable but what's wrong with writing predictable stuff?

(Actually this question is for me!)


  1. Oh -- to be 15 again! I love the directness and honesty of the writings of youth, don't you? I had to destroy all mine, though... :)

    And as for romances, I think 'pulp fiction' is as necessary as watching mindless TV now and then. My favourite diversion is Dick Francis thrillers. I picked one up the other day, as I really needed a mental break, and it took me 'til I was on page 20 to realise that I'd read it before! They are completely unmemorable, which is why they're so important! :)

  2. andrea, I meant 15 novels but to be 15 again is ok too. I too gave up all mine. Now I wish I hadn't though...:)

    I know what you mean...reading one is reading all but we still get hooked. I think that's becos we know all will be well in the end. Don't we wish that in our lives?

  3. Know something?
    That is much better than the romance novels...
    because you have the romance here...
    and..the raging fires!

    I really love this poem!
    Very good job!


  4. Oh btw...I got a few of the new
    version romance novels at the library yesterday...
    and will read them over the weekend!
    Kinda looking forward to them!


  5. raging fires...

    another disturbed sleep


  6. haven't read a romance novel for years (perhaps i ought to)... but i think this poem perfectly sums the whole thing up.
    enjoyed! :)

  7. Until I read that you got the idea from a novel, I was thinking how more exciting your life is compared to mine! :)

  8. I loved this poem too ;)there is nothing wrong with being predictable..

  9. Absolutely nothing!! Predictable is as much a part of living as un... Excellent poem!!

  10. margie, thanks. I was trying to write romantic poetry. I suppose I did it..

    Do tell us your thoughts after reading those novels. I await for your impressions...

  11. polona, do try a few. I am glad I refreshed those. Thanks to Rina. God bless her!

  12. andrew, most of us lead a very mundane life. You are not alone, my friend.

  13. carol, welcome to my blog. Do keep visiting.

    Thanks. I am redeemed in my own mind!

  14. pat, thanks to you too. I am very glad I wrote this.

  15. I do not find this poem "mushy"--
    It is delicate, elegant and vivid,
    not exaggerated or superficial at all. I wouldn't change a word!
    Actually the "raging fires" part seems a bit humorous, and playful, like you were being overdramatic to tease the reader.
    But this poem evokes a real situation that we can believe in.
    Very nice!

  16. A very lovely and touching poem. Nicely said Gautami. Hope you are well.

  17. Thanks firebird for saying so. It is as real as it can be....

    don: thanks. I am well.

  18. Hi guatami
    well,I read the books...
    Wow! Steamy, Steamy, Steamy!
    Sure took me away to another place!
    I liked them!
    And, I do love your poem!

    Enjoy the rest of your day!


  19. there is nothing wrong being predictable, but 15 novels at one time!!!!and mushy novels at it. Ok...:p

    the poem is nice and very 'hot'?! :p

  20. Margie, isn't it good that we can still enjoy romantic fiction? Now I know I was missing out on those.

    Ghost particle: Hot?...Well....


  21. Much more elegant than any mushy romance novel I ever read. Makes me sigh and miss those moments. (grin)

  22. Thanks anon. I need this kind of comments.