Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Learnt/unlearnt about life

Answering here something homo escapeons asked in the previous post. Check his comments here.

This is what I learnt/unlearnt till date:
Religion does NOT teach us to love. It rather teaches us to hate.

Family is NOT there for you always. You stand alone.

Love is NEVER unconditional. Who claims so IS lying.

Honesty is NOT the best policy.

Brotherhood/sisterhood does NOT exist.

Money comes much ABOVE power any day.

Power comes SECOND though.

Parents do not love all their kids EQUALLY. If they say so then they are lying.

Girls will always get a RAW deal wherever they are.

Harder you try STEEPER you fall.

Hope dies a SLOW death.

No one appreciates INTEGRITY anymore.

Friends are there as long as you GIVE. Stop giving, they vanish so fast!

Despite all this I STILL believe in all things good.

Kids are the BEST things there can be. Even if they are NOT your own.

Men hate EMOTIONAL females.

Men hate LOGICAL/SANE females too!

(Either way you can't win. I have tried both!!!...:D)

PMS is HERE to stay!

Diamonds ARE useless. Who cares if they are forever.

Curiosity has not killled me as YET. But I am no cat.
These are in no particular order. I wrote what came into my mind one at a time. In much less than 500 words..:D


  1. Hmm. This looks flippant, doesn't it. Will have another try. With a staid face!

  2. Hey Gautami, I really apologize for being away so long.

    This seems very...negative, really, although that's not meant to sound as negative as it sounds.

    Are things really that bad in your view? I agree with many of the things you say, especially the first four, unfortunately, much of the time.

    But to say girls will ALWAYS get a raw deal...tht the harder you try, the steeper you fall...really?

    I don't think enough people appreciate integrity...and I believe true friends aren't always about you giving.

    And I must disagree with your contention that men hate emotional females and logical females.

    If you hate them both, then what's left? Females are nature's balance to males, so males must accept.

    How can your philosophy work then?

  3. Within without, you are welcome again. Better late than never.

    This does seem negative, doesn't it? And that too from a person who is very positive. Thats the beauty of it, I am very positive despite what I concluded here.

    I love people in all their hues and shades. But cynicism sometimes gets better of me. I did say I believe in all things good despite everything.

    And all men do not hate emotional as well as logical/sane females. How can that be? I meant for different males...:D

    No offence to you or any blogger males I know..

    And do consider my comment here before you really think this is my philosophy....

    I am rather open-minded.....

    Lastly, YOU WERE MISSED!

  4. Thanks for the response Gautami.

    I haven't been getting around to a lot of people's blogs, so don't take it personally.


  5. Agree with you about the diamonds.

  6. Interesting lost and lots true. We can be positive, but we still live in the real world...and PMS is here to stay till you get older, anyway:-)