Tuesday, 21 November 2006

in and out

toying with picture,
while the world diffuses
evoking days of laughter
nostalgia dances
from converging eyes
as the aura fades out.
gray hues demarcate,
celestial stain of ignominy.
stridently gazing at
the very being. the sun
eludes brilliance.
gloom enfolds
reclining on the wall
surrounded by memories
piercing the soul.


  1. Right, Pat. Actually I am experimenting with words. I was writing too much of simplistic poetry.


  2. I'm a clinger-to-memories type so love the poem.

    I read about Ces' daughter -- the poet and mathematician -- and thought of you. I was discussing the art/math connection to another blogger recently, too (she switched from statistics to illustration at university). There is a connection that many don't see!

  3. This is a wonderful poem guatami!
    I love it!


  4. this moments are painful and precious
    loved the illustration too

  5. Andrea, that is high praise indeed. I do feel there is connection between math and poetry. I love both.

  6. margie thanks. AS you see this different from what I usually write.

  7. floots yes. Poignant as well as joyful. Paradox.


  8. can't escape the memories... love it!

  9. I like your poem (and the one from a few posts ago about the math). I am learning to love new words, different words than I normally use. I'm taking a writing course at school this semester and it has given me the desire to use words I normally don't use - not to sound better or more educated or anything, but just for a different sound in my writing. I hope that makes sense.

  10. memories make me nostalgic and thats the time I cannot even write....
    lovely poem Gautami...

  11. Thanks polona, I always welcome your appreciation.

  12. Shelly, it makes sense. Not at all confusing. And thanks!

  13. Amalendu, I know what you mean..sometimes words simply stop flowing when we are nostalgic.

  14. Nice word selection and a step into land of dictionary. You'll laugh...here is my word for the day.

    officious • \uh-FISH-us\ • adjective

    *1 : volunteering one's services where they are neither asked nor needed : meddlesome

    Now as to simplistic poetry...Exactly the variety I write. In most of my writing for business and other reasons, I strive to write simply about complex issues.

  15. probably our most precious 'tool'. Memories paint memories. Lovely.

  16. don, it is as good word as any. Why should I laugh.

    I know what you mean. That's what I try to do. Writing simplistic poetry about complex issues.But occasional lapses AR allowed!