Friday, 17 April 2009

swirling with eggshells and apples

she welcomes you into her hearth,

her lopsided smiles takes you in
her castle rustles in the night
with darkened but cosy corners

she strums her guitar for you
sound of ocean intrudes from outside
her oven is ready for casseroles
and pot bubbles over with aromatic spices

all the while enticed by her warmth
you wish for the food to be served now
a refreshing drink is handed over to you
which you relish, finishing it fast

in that gleaming and steaming cauldron
your bones dance with your liver
swirling with eggshells and apples
detachedly you think about your heart

"missing it is not, she sucks on it delicately
sitting on top of invisible fence of her deceit"


  1. Reading this, I had the sensation I was being lured into a black widow's web... nicely done

  2. Deliciously horrific - I enjoyed this with shivers down my spine!

  3. Gautami -

    I was quite taken by this piece. Dark and captivating -- well done…

    Come discover what’s Gone.

  4. Enticing and creepy. If the title hadn't acted as a warning, I would have been totally taken in by the cosy corners and lopsided smile, and never seen that last bit coming.

  5. Desert Rat: Right after I put that title, I have been thinking of changing it. Just haven't come up with good one. Maybe I should leave it untitled..

  6. 'Swirling with eggshells and apples' is a terrific line even if I don't know what it means.

    I didn't trust her from the outset.

  7. dark...

    "missing it not..."

    i enjoyed reading this..

  8. Great poem Gautami! I didn't realize until the end that it was a Witches Cauldron or something similar.

  9. I'm with Watermaid; this is a great line: "swirling with eggshells and apples." I'm not sure, either, exactly what it means but the words make a great image.

    I also like the 'fence of deceit." Cool way of writing it!

  10. So that's how you're going to trap me?


  11. I get a picture of a beautiful woman luring a man to enticement. When he's completely bewitched is when he "sees" the real her for the first time. Turns out she's a horrid witch in disguise just out of another "beauty treatment." LOL

    GREAT post!

  12. Very dark indeed. The character is alluring and you can see why someone would fall into her trap.

  13. Absolutely love this line:"...your bones dance with your liver..." - what an image!
    Fantastic ending to this captivating piece.

  14. I loved the imagery. Haunting.

  15. Well done again!! Gautami. You set the bar very high.

  16. I love spooky poetry like this, and you do it very well.