Saturday, 11 April 2009

drumming water

along the raised causeway
leading to the dry river,
dust rose in thick clouds.
a great crescendo of drumming
and screaming rasping horns
seemingly mounted upto the sky

rose out of the misted dust
causing birds to rise
from the distant inlets of the marsh
to watch some sort of dance
near that river, brown and slow
as it was. black and full and fast

green and gentle, it seemed to flow
all of a sudden. a woman from that
mottled crowd fell on her knees-
touching the water reverently
with the tips of her old fingers,
felt a shock, a strange power flow into her

river had returned to give life again.


  1. Water is so vital to those cycles. Nicely expressed.

  2. This almost sounds like a cameo of some ancient legend! Poetically romantic and beautiful!

  3. Some shocks are joyful, delightful.

  4. Most of us take water for granted, but the thirst lies waiting, to remind us. Beautiful piece.

  5. This was powerfully visual!

  6. One of life's grand saga's, beautifully written. Thanks.

  7. You take my breath away with your writing, I read and pause, in awe

  8. I had not realized that drumming water was part of the Indian tradition. This is really awesome, evoking our primal need for water. Beautiful.

  9. Oh wow, rich in imagery your words are! Makes me think of those crescendo scenes in movies that leave us all waiting to see what happens next. Powerful!

  10. Your choice of subjects and your choice of words are truly beautiful.
    You have in you a soul and a heart that sound as one. Thank you for writing and sharing.

  11. Oh, yes, gautami--
    I feel the dust and the despair and the hope against hope...
    And the release of resurrection.

    Thank you for this thing of beauty.

  12. You paint such a vivid picture here. Awesome.

  13. wow, wonderful. one can feel life flowing in with the river

  14. I love the cycle of the river's life that you portrayed so well. From dryness to life!

  15. "the dust and the despair and the hope against hope..."
    the struggles of the rivers in survive..

    thanks for sharing this..

  16. a crescendo that builds to such a serene yet powerful ending

  17. Drumming Water moved me deeply.

    The imagery is stunning. Deep thirst. A persistent drumming. Calling the living water from its subterranean source. The life giving rhythms pulsing: brown dust turns to black silt turns to green giving. Birds elope their habitat and an old woman kneels at the river.

    Thank you for the gift of this poem.



  18. the drumming is a powerful moment.

  19. What an amazing picture and moment you've captured here. Really quite stunning.

  20. Mythical and mystical - has such lovely imagery.

  21. I like, reminds me of an Native American tale.

  22. wonderful poem~
    I so enjoyed the ending!

  23. From dry and empty to full and fast, I'd touch too. I am hoping that some of the others from the mottled crowd would as well.
    That's all the better I can respond, your poem is overwhelming me. :-)

  24. Water is a vital part of life and all living things.

    I enjoyed the read.

  25. I was told by my grandmother that when God touch you, you will know it. Good read.