Saturday, 18 April 2009

exquisite tentacle

my palm slowly shapes into a flower
attaching itself to you
you soften to it, letting it wrap you
tentacle of wonder surround us
I peep with one eye
and see you do the same
mystical scent permeates my skin
slipping over yours
taste of you tempts me to explore
so much more and more
exquisite limbs hold us both
grounded on the earth even though
we are in the seventh heaven

"when our inner essence speak
do we need any language?"


  1. "My palm slowly shapes into a flower", a wonderful image inviting me into the poem. what do i read in your poem/ that there are many languages, some not ones that are spoken.

  2. Well, you express it in beautiful language.

  3. oh but this is language.. of a different kind!! one of my fave languages..

  4. I like the detailed connections you make between images such as flowers and tentacles. It makes this very powerful.

  5. you have shown well that inner language...indescriptible!!

  6. The first line is my favorite but I also like "you soften to it." The images are just exquisite!

  7. Lovely images. I felt I was floating above your words. Nicely done!

  8. Gautami - This is most certainly one of my favorite that you have written, so warm, lyrical, and sensuous... wow!


    Come feel a Stir of Love

  9. i agree with all that has been said...nice writing

  10. This reminds me of a country song. The name of it is "You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All." It talks about how there are no words needed when the love is shared, and felt, by both.

    BEAUTIFULLY written!

  11. Woah...quite romantic...indeed the language of love!!

  12. "I peep with one eye" very sensual and then in the middle this line that makes me grin. Lovely!

  13. The way you are able to express yourself with such beautiful English never fails to amaze me.This is just so wonderful.

    Thanks for keeping an eye on Rosey. With me away there's no way she'll post a SS this week!

  14. mmm language of Love, you seem to be very rich in it :)

  15. so beautiful and sensual... titillating even

  16. I do not beleive there is an adjective that would do this one justice.......