Monday, 13 April 2009

road trip

hunger took hold of me
I clutched at my vacuumed belly
as if to hold off the pangs
trucker refused to stop
in that wilderness lost to all but me
when I set out in that bus
with unknown people
looking out for an adventure
little did I know I would end up with
an unkempt foul mouthed trucker
plans going haywire
we were ambushed
all killed and I was left for dead
how did come I onto this stinky truck
if you called it a truck, but for the chassis
he looked askance, offered me oily nuts
smelling of motor grease. hungry that I was
I ate a handful, my stomach heaving
I retched all over him.
without batting an eye
he stopped and cleaned us both
I was so grateful like a rag doll
dignity had lost its meaning
I rolled over and slept in my own stink
no longer it bothered me
again hunger took hold of me
I clutched at my vacuumed belly
as if to hold on to the pangs

"let hell break loose, I don't care anymore"


I travel on dusty roads
never-ending stretch
uneven jagged edges trip me over
trips you over, uneven jagged edges
stretch your never-ending tirade
I run back to dusty roads

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  1. Phew, I just came to walk in your poetry patch and I found this. That's some road trip an ambush, left for dead and then being saved by a foul mouthed trucker - amazing story! and a NaisaiKu for pudding!!

    Amazing you...

    BTW I can do The Tamla Walk!!

  2. Wow. Give me a moment to just stop and breathe here after that ... Wow.

    I especially liked the NaisaiKu at the end.

  3. I love this, even as I fall...

  4. Wow!!!!!This truck is interesting.

  5. You've been brave and ambitious here. The 'vacuumed belly' alerts your reader.

  6. "I travel on dusty roads"_

    is a beautiful thought..many thanks..

  7. hey nice know it strangely reminded me of de movie Slumdog Millionaire!

  8. now thaz an adventure.... never go shopping when yr hungry... spot on the NaisaiKu....

  9. Holy cow! This is something else! Fiction, I hope!

    Really excellent job at sustaining the suspense!

  10. Hiya, thanks for taking The NaisaiKu Challenge? again this week.

    Powerful poetry on this post!

    I see you have a new admirer!!
    He's following you...

  11. Excellent poem. As the others said, brave material if non-fiction base, great picture painted either way!

  12. Wow. What a kick-in-the-gut kind of story. I too hope it's fiction for you while also knowing that for someone out there, it is all too real. Thanks for this.

  13. Woa, great story, intense poem.

  14. This has the feel of flash fiction. Great story line and phrasing.

  15. OH this was GREAT! I love it LOL. And I loved the line about the "vacuumed belly." GREAT adjective!

  16. Quite the (mis?)adventure in that first one, and very intense. Well done!

    Enjoyed the NaisaiKu too.

    And thanks for stopping by!

  17. OMG that is so grody to the max...totally!
    Seriously, you should never EVER hitchhike, especially with a foul-mouthed trucker who has oily nuts!

    I want to know who ambushed you?
    Why? What is wrong with people?

    My guess is that your protagonist is going to die...this is going to end poorly..
    except for the trucker who will just go on his merry way as if nothing ever happened.

  18. Road trips can have their ups and downs.

  19. Mister Coppens, do you call this grovelling?

  20. Good grief I can't believe you wrote this dribble.......

    fast and furious ... Have you been taking things from others????

    I am starting to wonder if you really are a woman or one of those transit whats its that roam the streets over there.......

    I must say however.....I loved it!

  21. your trips to the dark side are always unique and special

  22. Very dark - very evocative. My road trip was pretty uneventful! Praise be.