Monday, 24 March 2008

Cross out old memories

Another Tuesday. Last one of March 2008. This week it is going to be a tough act. After evalutions comes tabulation of result which in any case have to declared on 31st March. However, that is part of my work, so let's not talk about it.

A while back, I wrote a post on if persistence pays. Or if it is more of luck. I got varied responses. Majority said persistance and luck go hand in hand. I do agree to that. Upto a certain point. In order to pursue certain goal, we have to be persistent and if we are lucky we might attain that.

Nonetheless, I find certain people setting up goals which are unattainable. Then they try to steamroll over you to look at it from their point of view. Expecting you to be part of it. For those, my answer is, if it is your goal, you go about it. Why involve me? It might not be what I want. I can't live life for anyone but myself.

Some people try to control your mind. They succeed, if you let them. Many a times, we do not fight back. We kind of give in even when a certain part of us resists. Subconsciously, it is telling us to break away, to weigh the pros and cons. Do we really need to step on each other's toes? I for one, need my space. Lots of it. In that space, I have made too many memories for myself-----good or bad..those belong to me and only me. In the bigger scheme of things, togetherness is all but an illusion.

I re-read Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse last sunday. It reminded me that to seek truth and peace, we have to find the path alone. No one can do it for us. It is on us, how we go about it. The answers are all within us. Don't wory, I am not renouncing the world. I like my creature comforts too much. I can balance spirituality with material world. What is spirituality, other than a state of mind?


  1. You've made some very strong points here. I agree that you have to make your own life happen. No one can do that for you. And, spirituality is definitely a state of mind. Also, I love my creature comforts too. Couldn't live without them. Hope your day is going well, Guatami~

  2. Hey, happy belated birthday to you! Great points, as always. Why is it that we all seem to be seeking something?

  3. You are a wise soul. I've allowed myself to be bulldozed by the will of others, disregarding the tiny voice inside me that said "don't do it!"

    You sound so strong. I hope you continue to grwo in strength and self-knowlege.

    Interesting, I've been wanting to re-read Sidhartha myself. Haven't read it since high school.

  4. Very well put!

    However sometimes you do have to persist with questions to eventually find an answer!

    This certainly made sense to me....
    Common sense.

  5. Listen to the intuition = inner teaching. Whatever you choose in thought ... this will be part of your life and its consequencies.
    Whatever your goals are pursue them with joy. Good Luck.
    Hugs for you.

  6. Good thoughts here.

    Positively penetrating.

    Oh, how I need grace every day,
    when I raise my own expectations
    beyond what is realistic.


  7. i think steve summed it all up by the simple phrase... common sense... what an amazing tool your own common sense can be.. and i find it ever so sad that for the most part we as humans have become to "lazy" to use it......

  8. This is very thought provoking, you are quite intelligent. It's always a pleasure to read!

    I think that if you set yourself up for unattainable goals, you're more likely to not accomplish anything after you fall down once.

  9. I first read Siddharatha in High School and have read it several times since--I like the idea of running a ferry, of helping people get across the river. It's been decades since I've read it, maybe I need to reread it one more time.

  10. I too have been surviving some work frustrations recently, daring to keep to the path I believe is right for me. (I used to be one who "gave in" just to keep the peace. Now I try to stand firm but peacefully.) That is so hard at times. I feel your struggle within.
    But that struggle lingers in a kind of inner pain, and so, as you say, "cross out old memories".

    An interesting post!


  11. I need lots of space too, love my time alone. And yes, you are right, we all have to find our own path, no one can do it for us.

    Thanks so much for participating in Jane's Inspirations!

    Have a great week.


  12. Thought-provoking Gautami.

    You ask: "What is spirituality, other than a state of mind?" I suppose so.

    I meet more and more people who tell me they are spiritual and not religious. I describe myself that way as well because I do not associate myself with a defined religious body.

    A beauty of religion as a more formalized way to spirituality is ritual. It's really quite powerful as the mythologist Joseph Campbell tells us. Liturgy or ceremony helps reinforce spiritual experience for many.

    We attended an Episcopal Church for a while and found its liturgy to be quite persuasive. Communion is quite powerful. The act of doing together reinforces belief.

    Being a part of a religious community requires certain things of you though. Pledging your money. Showing up on Sunday mornings. Going to church social events, and other things. For these things to work, you must feel some affinity to other members. The community thing falls apart if you don't.

  13. you said it well, ideals should remain to the person who dreams them up. let it come true, good for them, let if fail, still good for them. dont pressure it on others. like the title says, old memories are cancers of the mind, some may remove it easily, for some the scars are too deep.

    i need my space, my space is silence, solitude, a conversation with the universe. we just work better that way. :)

    P/s; Lets just run away! im booking my tickets now :P

  14. Excellent points here, and food for thought, overall.

    As to your query in my blog, I'm okay. Just insanely busy with work, the two zines and some voiceover auditions.

  15. Interesting. There’s a saying: Fortune favors the brave. I don’t know how ‘tangible’ a man’s look in the eyes is, but I do know that it makes people react…

  16. another post of interesting thoughts as well as an excellent response to the picture prompt...

  17. I think persistence and luck do go hand in hand. You have to be in the position of being lucky. You also have to seek opportunities.

    I work at a business school so we talk about "opportunity recognition" a lot.

    But if someone is trying to get you to realize their goals, then that's different. And unfair.

  18. Nice post. Reference to Siddhartha made me wonder: Is your first name meant to refer to the Buddha? Or is it a common name with no particular resonance? Cheers, J

  19. Happy belated bday wishes to ya hun!

    We r humans and humans always SEEK for's in our nature. Unfortunately :)


  20. Togetherness is all but an illusion? I am afraid I would have to disagree. Truth is not singular, if you don't share it, discuss it, pass it around, there is no way to know if it is true or just you. Peace is not a state of being, peace is a relationship with the world and your fellow humans. I am afraid I do not think it is possible to find either truth or peace alone, both of them are functions of community.

  21. Hello Gautami, it;s a lways fun to come to your blog. Your posts always awakens my neurons :-). I love your new blog layout, very friendly and fun to scroll through your previous posts. Happy spring to you.

  22. the title fits perfect...

  23. definitely a thought-provoking post.
    we are responsible for what we do with our lives and in what way we are influenced by the environment. some things can't be bypassed but trying to make the best of them pays.

  24. Luck has a lot to do with the hand you're dealt, but you must play it with skill.

  25. Lots to think about in that one!! You're very deep...