Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Mom is the word--Totally Optional Prompts

get that comb, and do up your hair
it is almost noon, still you laze around?

food gone cold, and congealed on plate
you stare at nothing with a morose face

your books lie awry, your PC switched on
ignored, neglected looking so very forlorn

worse than a child, oh daughter of mine-
why is that at home, you lose your shine?

even as an infant, you never slept so much
now at four decades of your age, life's such

"you are still here, and I still have to care"

Psst: please don't tell my mother that I wrote this in her voice!


  1. Ooh, parts of this have an echo for me! You may have part of my mother's voice in there. And don't worry - your secret is safe with me!

  2. Ditto: you have my solemn promise not to leak this to your mother (even though it would be tempting) :)

  3. I'll have to be more tolerant; or my kids will be writing about me in years to come

  4. I enjoyed reading this and no, I won't tell your mom...

  5. This is scary. I remember my father's voice from my youth. It is the one I use sometimes with my own kids.
    I know I'm getting older now when one of my sons tells me he uses my voice with HIS own kids.
    Parents' voices are eternal.

  6. i'm sorry - i'll be on the phone to her straight away :)
    i recognise this oh so well - as a child and as a parent
    thank you

  7. Great job. (I won't tell either!)

  8. excellent choice of voices gautami... nothing like mother to really bring you back to at least her reality......

  9. No, I won't tell. This voice is surely a parental one...such is life! I think they only wish the best for us, though!

  10. moms never change, do they, now that i am a mom, i worry that i am turning into one as well :)

  11. ...and oh check me out in mine, this came to me after reading one of your earlier pieces about inanimate objects having voices..follow my name and it will take you to the link..i would love your opinion

  12. It's tricky writing with someoneelses voice, but you have pulled it off really well, I have been nagged a million times by many different women and I could hear all of them in your poem, get off your lazy bum and do something, hahaha, your poetry is really improving I think as you go along and you are trying lots of different approaches and thoughts and moods which means it will just keep getting betterer and betterer, cool bananas,

  13. I've heard that voice but I'll never tell. ;)

  14. I've heard this voice before - only different!

  15. I told your mom!

    She's really pissed!


    Good write.

  16. why is that at home, you lose your shine?
    Wonderful poem--incredible line

    It's a mother's job to care and a daughter's duty to drive her crazy--keeps her young

  17. tami, I love it and I promise I wont tell your Mom. Sounds nothing like you. All uneven and lose.


  18. I esp. like the last line.
    Michele says hello.

  19. I promise not to tell your mom ;)

    (it sounds just like many a mom though)

  20. this sounds familiar :)
    well done with your mother's voice!

  21. What? Your mother doesn't read your blog? Mine does my Mother-in Law and my daughter. I have to be very very careful. ha ha.

  22. :)

    to a parent, the child will always be a ...child. :)

    i wonder, maybe your mum reads your blog?

  23. oh i have to be careful as well, but my mom agrees with everything that i write on my blog..
    sorry i haven't been around much, but this one was great and it will bring me to your site more often.