Wednesday, 19 March 2008

coiled cutters----Totally Optional Prompts

wires portrude out of hair,

a few of those coiled.
feet have sprouted roots-
scattering out of range.

body balances on mind's focus-
open palms tender wisdom.
don't saints do it all the time
with half closed eyes?

motorized movements lack
coherence. Shaking salt on food
fall elsewhere but there. For now
only eyes can communicate.

"Can we cut the wires loose
before these strangle us?"


  1. Reminds me of how much we all like to keep hold of things that 'may prove useful later', before they overwhelm us with their sheer volume and we begin to wonder how we actually get rid of them

  2. I just keep getting a very strong image of a saint with a shiny halo...

  3. this causes me to see the same irreverent jumble i do when i view surrealist art...

  4. Gautami, a little confused, but may be that's surreal?

  5. Juliet: that is surreal!

    stan ski: You got that right, I think. We do not wish to let go!

    Andy: That was one image I too had in my mind when I penned it!

    paisley: That is a very honest commnt!

    ul: Vsit Dali's museum online. You will get my gist!

  6. Good prompt response. This piece marks a foggy point in the world we call now.

  7. I see Medusa with her head of serpents snapping away at anything that comes near.

    Her slithering protectors are the very reason she feels invulnerable, but nobody can ever get close to her.
    She may feel powerful and safe, but she is starving for affection.

  8. "body balances on mind's focus" ... that's a great line from a wonderful poem!

  9. Quirky! I'm not sure what it means but I enjoyed the ride, especially the salt!

  10. Love the surreal sense of wired mayhem you have created!

  11. many great things said in this one!
    (THANK YOU FOR REMEMBERING MY BIRTH DAY. You made me feel special. :) )

  12. OW,Tami sound like me on a bad hair day without my cup of joe.
    Great images and I wonder "can we cut the wires loose
    before these strangle us?"
    love that line....


  13. the first associacion i got was that of frida kahlo...

  14. That was most surreal in its straight-forwardness :-)