Wednesday, 12 March 2008

mindplay---totally optional prompts/patchwork poetry

words, the play of words
have so much power, only if one lets those.
to give you credit, I handed it over on a platter
for you to feed on, seduced by what would be.
it is not a question that I need to ask you
whether or not I will make you immortal-
blame, who do I blame other than myself

for being so blind with open eyes.

I marched forward, not looking back
still running in a dead heat
which sapped my strength, pulling me down.
with my own hands, I noosed the double knot
of a tie around my bare neck
, ending up only half dead
why is that pictures got blurred, where non existed?
meaning of mirage was never as clear as now-
shaking smoky fire out of my way, with new vision,

into a daybreak that's wondrously clear, I rise
absolving myself.
redemption is not a mere word any longer.

This is offered for Totally optional prompts (smoke and mirrors) as well as patchwork poetry. Lines have have taken from poetry by Margaret Atwood, Keith Douglas, Carol Ann Duffy and Maya Angelou in that order, and patched into it.


  1. i always admire your creativity with these promots.

  2. Those may be famous people, but your first two lines are amazing. I can't get past them.

  3. i really enjoyed the last line.. redemption.. self redemption specifically... a wonderful idea.....

  4. I particularly like:
    "meaning of mirage was never as clear as now"

  5. A lot of smoke cleared there :-)

  6. I like the way you work the patchwork things into your poetry, I'll have to give this a try, sometime...

  7. A lover who doesn't blame the beloved, who used words against her, almost drove her to suicide.... chilling, yet hopeful toward the end.

    Words are so very powerful, as you illustrate here. Some would even say they have their own life.... a philisophical question I suppose....

  8. The last stanza is my favorite because it is so powerful.

  9. As usual, a well done take on the prompt - strong and reflective!

  10. Thanks!

    Andy, you must try writing a cento. It is greatfun!

  11. I remember they used to call this "hyper text" poems, when you have links to other poems or photos or sites. I love that Margaret Atwood poem. Thanks for sharing!

  12. There is a rich defiance in your poem that both entrances and horrifies!



  13. Sometimes our own passionate imagination is greatest deceiver. Sounds very much like a dream sequence.

  14. "for being so blind with open eyes"... very powerful line!

  15. Suicide is a strong image here within this patchwork poem. I love how you brought it full circle with a new day being redemptive. Have a nice weekend.