Thursday, 25 January 2007

Why I love poetry.....poetry thursday

Another response to the writing prompt by poetry thursday, Why I love poetry along with the previous one posted yesterday.


Why I love Poetry

This is both and easy or a difficult question to answer. I have always loved poetry as far as I can remember. Before I only read it but now I attempt at writing it. I started with the classic poets which gave me so much pleasure. I could only be in awe of the structured poetry. I have written a few on those lines but I like the freedom of writing unstructured poetry or more liberally known as free verse. I pen down my experiences or just go out into that fantasy land which gives me so much space. Poetry takes me to the realms which can’t be explained in words. One can pack in so much meaning in so few words. Images, metaphors, similes make it very interesting. Poignancy of thoughts and feelings can only be brought out in the form of poetry. By my poetry I have discovered the inherent me.


  1. For me there is a pace at which my mind moves through poetry I read. It slows me down and quiets the world. Outside, traffic is moving past the window at a terrific pace and with tremendous noise. But while I'm in a poem, it's only the snow that I notice and the duck who, so far, has decided to stay in the north.

    And then, when I'm writing poetry, I hear my own voice moving slowly and confidently as though, perhaps, I just might understand something about the world, about myself, and about how little any of us really knows.

    Thanks for your entry. It got me thinking about my own reasons.

  2. And you have a fabulous way with your poetry. My favorite so far is the one about the moon!

    I enjoy your poetry Gautami. I am glad and thankful you are sharing with us.

    I can't write poetry. I only write silly rhyming sentences :-)

  3. i look forward to reading more of your poetry, gautami. i love it too. my favorites of all time are mary oliver's wild geese and billy collins' your house in the country. and one of my own, i immodestly admit.

    have a good day today!

  4. bgfay: Welcome. Actually, I understand you too well. Poetry closes the mundane world and takes us one which is so much beyond. I am glad I did this prompt.

    ces: you paint so well. I need to re-start my painting.

    kj: I should visit you more often. I will search the archives to read your poetry. Thanks!

  5. It's so enjoyable to read your reasons. "One can pack so much meaning in so few words" resonates with me, but this closing of yours is the heart of it for many of us: "By my poetry I have discovered the inherent me." *Wonderfully said!*

  6. gt, a fine post! I enjoyed reading it, as well as the comments so far. Good job, people!

  7. Wish that I had the ability to write poetry. I don't.

  8. It is going to be interesting the meeting of Gautami and the Whitesnake at Freedom's Place.

    I wonder what is in store?

    Maybe a bit of poetic justice or the like?


  9. i'm glad you love poetry, and write it too. :)

    some time back, i wrote something on why i write poetry. you can check it out here

  10. I dont think I can reach close to explaining what poetry means to me..Tried over time to explain it but it remains as love so hard to put it in plain words

    So I let it be just like love, it has to be felt, lived, only then you reach to its peek of spirituality...

    I also feel even though my limitation for not mastering english and bad spelling, nothing stops me to seek within so I can seek maybe just one petal of poetry..

    I have been meaning to visit your blog, I can not thank you enough for your kind visits. I feel ashamed not being a good neighbour.

  11. By my poetry I have discovered the inherent me.

    That's the best part, really, isn't it?

  12. I love to read your poetry, have graced us with many lovely poems.
    I think your words...
    By my poetry I have discovered the inherent me.
    says so much..I feel just the same way!
    Thank you ...lovely words!


  13. Right there with you on this!!

  14. This line is one of the most true things that I know:

    "By my poetry I have discovered the inherent me."

  15. i'm glad you started writing poetry in addition to reading it.
    love your musings

  16. hemm...then ur roots are poetry...u r rooted in poetry.

    For me poetry make me travel the space time, like epic dreams and emotions.

  17. Why I Love Poetry

    Poetry loved me first. I only loved back because I had no other date at the time.

  18. " Poetry takes me to the realms which can’t be explained in words. "

    There is so much poetic truth (and truthful poetry) in that beautiful line. Lovely.

    And most lovely of your comments at my Poetry Thursday post.

  19. "By my poetry I have discovered the inherent me."

    I feel the exact same way. Thank you for this post.

  20. I'm sure glad that you put them here so that we can read it. Thanks!

  21. Your poem was selected for Tribute to Poetry ..You inspired me to work on this with your writing thank you


  22. Thanks gel, pepektheassasin, polona, andrew, january, dana, margie, pat and sideon.

    kindness: Do give it another shot. I am waiting.

    buffalo: Not all write poetry. You too have a way with words.

    whitesnake: let's wait and watch.

    kai: true!

    dsnake1: Thanks for the link. I chek and left a comment too.

    iamnasra: Poetry is soul food for me too. And thanks for the link and the selection.

    ghost: All of us have different reasons for it.

    percival: Hmm. In a way, I do agree with you?

    Lady Wordsmith: I had liked your reasons so very much.

  23. Gautami, I enjoy good poetry as well (seriously). Unfortunately I cannot admit it on my own blog, because the majority of my readers are cretins who would laugh at me.

    However, as I have recently "broken the ice" with a series of Quatrains in my responses to comments, perhaps someday soon I can be brave enough to post a poem and come entirely out of the "sensitive Pug" closet (so to speak).

  24. Yes! Poetry is a journey of self-discovery. Much peace, JP

  25. I know a lot of people have already commented on this, but I have to say that I love how you end this: "By my poetry I have discovered the inherent me". A fantastic description of poetry's power.

  26. people are always down on forms, and i've never been able to figure out why. i don't write using them much anymore, but that's only because i'm lazy. adhering to strict guidelines forces you to take more time to think about what you're thinking & feeling, thus forcing you to take more time to think about what you're saying. that's the key to good poetry, for me, really thinking about what you're trying to say.

    good stuff here, g.

  27. I find that those who love poetry discover that poetry also loves them back.

    Poetry for me is an intuitive language that opens my heart chakra and allows me to connect with life on a deeper level of feeling.

    Take care and keep up the great writing.

  28. puerileuwaite: Just post what you want to. Why botherif others are cretins? I used to write atrociously but I still posted those..

    deborah: thanks. I agrree with you. Poetry is me, I am poetry.

    jon: welcome. I liked what you had posted too. Poetry touches our heart, mind and soul.

    matt: I can understand what you are saying. Slotting myself is not poetry but being free to be able to express myself thru words is poetry to me.

    don: thanks. I have missed your visits and comments. You are so good with words. Your poetry is pleasure to read.

  29. I like the line that poetry has enabled you to discover "the inherent" you.

  30. Beautifully expressed, Gautami. I'm so happy that poetry has allowed you to find the inherent you, must be a wonderful feeling!

  31. Nice post. I'll come back next Sunday to read some more.

  32. Thanks paris, lotus and sarala.

    sarala, you are welcome anytim. I too will pop on to your place.