Thursday, 11 January 2007

Birthing pangs?

labouring under pains
it tried to trudge along

each of us hollered, cursing
the irresponsible father

birthing problems gone
or the is it still a false alarm?

fit, strong and healthy
is the baby finally born?

Or is it the classic case
of loudly crying wolf?

after google took it over
bloggers has gone bonkers!

Now that it has settled down
I better go visit you all!!


I know it is not upto it. But it is what I could manage instantly in three minutes! Bloggers seems to be fine today but for how long? Till the next baby is born?


  1. it suxxx..Im sick of it.


  2. Yes.. we have to always look for something new to come in... As of now Blogging seems to be a way...Well said Gautami...

  3. The "pangs" we go through for free. Aptly described!!

  4. Irresponsible father! lol

    nice slice into google mess with blogger

  5. Thanks so much for the prayers for my sister!
    She is doing better!

    What a mess it is now!
    I posted a poem this morning, that posted 3X's ...I had a hard time deleting....finally got it right!
    Take care!


  6. i know... the old blogger especially has become a real mess...

  7. ha! you see I can be anon but not me - why is that!

    Very aptly put by the way which is what I said before as me but it wouldn't let me post - perhaps it's learned irony already!


  8. well said
    i've had similar problems
    still on old blogger
    when i try to change
    it tells me it's not ready yet
    good to hear you tell it :)

  9. Oh Gautami, only you can turn "smenita" and all the Blogger woes into a fine piece of poetry. You are marvelous! :-)

  10. Ghah! Fully in agreement with you luv on this! But if only it were really as if a babe that could be bathed, powdered, and creamed till it's sweet smelling and we're all happy to cuddle it close! If only!!

  11. hemm you got that righy about blogger. And what a way to describe it!

    i tink the problem is in the internet itself.

  12. polona: both are mess! pain in the *^%^%$##.

    ziggi: now you know what a b*&^% blogger has become!

    floots: keep trying. You might succeed.

    ces: thanks. I couldn't resist writing about it.

    lady wordsmith: Great picture you painted. Wish it was!

    ghost: you might be right.

  13. hey! hello! i finally found the right blog to say hello to you. i like your comments and all the folks you visit. you have a good sense of humor and keen wit!


  14. oooh yes, Yes, YES!!!
    Let us storm the Bastille together and extract our pound of flesh from the googly ones for all of the time that we have wasted correcting, saving, searching, screaming and scratching our heads...


  15. thanks kj. Actually I have been meaning to visit you but blogger has not allowed me for some reason. When I finally did, you had beaten me to it. You are always welcome here.

    homo escapeons: I am all with you. Lets go charging. I think we have enough backings in the form of our blogger friends.

    head butting.....