Thursday, 18 January 2007

Kaleidoscopic Dance....Poetry Thursday

hangovers crave the sleepy state

to get up on their own good pace

scouring paths of escape

wrenching the guts

twisting through the mind.

graphic uncertainties,
nothing to work upon
rather kaleidoscopic dance
of dragged images, muddled,
ready to be swilled out.


One line taken is "scouring paths of escape" from imitation of life: The Big Come Down by Jemima von Schindelberg. Check out for more reads and the rules here at Poetry Thursday.


  1. What a delight to come to your blog through Poetry Thursday. I like the kaleidoscopic language here, the splintering of the simple and the polysyllabic, and the ending is just right. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Know those feelings all too well!!

  3. You make a hangover sound at once gut-wrenching and lovely - what a fine trick!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog, Gautami. I'm going to pass this post to Dr Maroon at the Cape to Rio blog, who also has a talent for poetry.

  5. The image looks like one of those Op Art posters from the '60s. Do you have a black light, too? :)

  6. I used the same line in my poem! Its so interesting how the same line took us in such different directions. I love the phrase 'kaeidoscopic dance' and know exactly what you mean.

  7. I have a hangover now . . . you've captured the feeling purrfectly, Gautami. ;-)

  8. Excellent writing Gautami...
    I wish I could write like that!!!
    Have a great weekend!


  9. Nice poem. I like your pic too, it reminds me of those often done by Tim from PA (in my list of blogs)

  10. andrea: This is an image made by a kaleidiscope.

    crafty green poet: I liked your poem too.

    richard kay: Hmm..:D

    margie: thanks. You too are one good writer.

    sage:thanks. I will chk on tim.

  11. You've expressed my feeling that hangovers take on a life of their own, and spun it into something mysterious and beautiful. I've never liked dragged images, but I know what that means to me.

  12. This is a great Picture with a wonderful poem to match. Have we all not been there before? I like your poetry very much and shall be back.I thank you for reading and commenting on my poem.

  13. guatami, "graphic uncertainties".
    i like that, and i know that feeling very well!

    i enjoy your poetry.

  14. the image is captivating and i really like the poem (not the hangover, though)

  15. I was wondering about the image but I see your answer below. Thanks for visiting me and welcome to poetry Thursday. I joined a month or two ago and it is fun and there are a lot of nice people.

  16. Graphic uncertainties, kaleidoscopic dance. I like that. Absolutely true. I new mode of seeing life as kaleidoscopic dance of graphic uncertainties!:)

  17. Hi- I've alwasy been fascinated by kaleidoscopes, since i was a child. Besides the phrase you quoted from another poet for this week's prompt, I like "Kaleidoscopic Dance" very much. That photo brought an instant smile and then you poem transformed my smile into a grin. Nicely done.

  18. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    I love kaleidoscopes. :) Your poem brings to mind other images though.

  19. I must quarrel with Jim.

    I felt that I detected rather less of splintering in these lines than bifurcating, particularly with your use of the word "of."

  20. aaah...painful
    hangover portrayed very well!

  21. very good picture, i like the colors, is so nice.

  22. jemima: One can't get over a hangover in a jiffy. I does has its own pace and seems to have a mind of its own. Thanks for coming here. You are welcome.

    beloved dreamer: Thanks. I like what I read on your blog too. Do keep coming. You are so welcome.

    kj: Thanks. I appreciate it very much.

  23. polona: the very familiar feeling which all of us have faced at one timeor the other.

    sarala: Thanks. I only have known about it since this thursday and I am glad I do now. There is so much to learn from each other.

    borut: well yes, about the uncertainity part.

  24. gel: Thanks. I love the kaleidoscopic images very much.

    brian: I know what images you mean. It was really what I intended here...:D

    percival: Go ahead. Bifurcation of the mind...need I say more? I never intended any splintereing here.

  25. magieye: Yes! Painful and avoidable.

    gil:Thanks. You are welcome here.

  26. gautami,

    thanks for the
    link -- have you
    linked now at mo'po

    yours is a wonderful poetry site -- will be looking in



  27. reminds my of Saturday mornings when I was in collage. :)

  28. /t: I am honoured by your visit and linking me! Thanks. YOu are always welcome here. I too will be chking on you very often.

    andrew: A very familiar feeling which it seems, you left behind.