Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Staple Diets

on the line,
those tiny bent pins
await their turn for
binding papers,
little realising,
they are reponsible
for the tiny holes,
which pierces
the cellulose soul.

Stapler with metallic heart
clawing the pins!!


  1. hmmm,

    an ode to
    the lowly stapler

    i like it!

    the world needs more poems about office equipment & supplies


  2. I love this! Actually, all your words move me. I am inspired to play with poetic forms once again, havbing given them up many eyars ago.

    I am honored you paid a visit to my humble, rather straightforward and plain talking blog! Thank you!


  3. this could be the closest I came to respect that pesky little things that always pierce my skin!

  4. vicious little things
    those staplers

  5. Truly you have a way with words. I am now way too intimidated to share my "Ode to the Tape Dispenser".

  6. being responsible for dozens of litle holes inflicted by staplers every day this speaks to me in a special way :)

  7. You do have magic way with words. This is a powerful and unforgiving poem. Its sharp targets are men? At least I would ssume done my friend.
    Also I thank you for reading my poem and for your comment.


  8. /t: yes. I am trying to get thosnoticed. Just wait and watch.

    brdget m: I am glad I could inspire you. I will go visit you again.

    kai: :)

    andrew: thanks!

    ghost: thoselitlle pesky stuff make our life easier...

    floots: not really..now are they?

    russell: yes! hard and heartless!

    amalendu: thanks!

    puerileuwaite: Do share. I would like to read it.

    polona: staples ad stapler are special.

    bd: I did not think of that when I wrote it but it goes with that thought..Thanks!