Monday, 8 January 2007

Unable to post most of the times

For some reason I am unable to post on my blog and comment too. Even if I do succeed at the rare times, it takes ages to post. I cannot even make changes on my template. I need to link a few new blogger friends but it does nothing. It is very frustrating. I hate blogger..:D

Hope this posts shows!!


  1. Kind of funny. This post came uo thrice and I had a tough time deleting. What's happening?

    Can someone tell me?

  2. Are you with the new blogger?

  3. Yes sage, I am and I regret it deeply.

  4. i confess that i am sticking with the old version for now
    (the voice of the luddite through the ages) :)

  5. same over here, blogger is very buggy. :)

    maybe when the submarine cable near Taiwan is repaired, things will improve. if our friends in the US and Europe do not have this problem, it is most likely due to links and congestion.

    gautami, sorry if this sounds like a rant. :)

  6. Gautami, greetings from the tropics :)

    I have had problems with the old blogger since approximately the last 3 weeks. Trying to post pics with my posts is a problem. Like you, my posts are coming up in triplicate as well.

    It may be that the servers of both the old and the new blogger are having teething problems simultaneously **LOL**

    Have a good year in 2007!


  7. floots: Well, for how long? Thy will switch all of us eventually...

    ..A moronic gautami!!

    dsnake1: blogger is unable to cope up! Rant away...I feel like shouting too..:D

    belizegial: got a poin there. Today pictures arn't showing up here! Bloggers gone bonkers!!


  8. Hope blogger started working for you now! I had problems till yesterday, later I found out that they were on maintenance mode!

  9. yeah it's working!!

    I couldn't comment yesterday, apparently Blogger took exception to my scathing critique of it's operational kniptions...
    keep trying...
    and thank you for using the term thrice.

  10. blogger has been a real bitch the last few days... especially the old version... i guess that's what made me switch over

  11. h.e.:It seems bloggers really hates being criticised. Hence most of our posts do not show up any more.

    polona: Ihave the new version and it toois working real bad. Either way you can't win.