Tuesday, 9 January 2007


watching the moisture
sticking to the glass,
reminds of my memories;
embedded inside the walls
of my mind

but only for a moment.
droplets trickle down
slowly sliding.
reminiscences remain
ingrained and rooted.

water cleanses away dirt
leaving the surface clean.
thoughts are jammed forever
troubling me, so painful
that I am almost numb.


  1. Voila! I could post this time without a hitch!!

  2. Great!:)I've been having similar thoughts in connection with a bird feeder on a tree. The tree as a labyrinth of our thoughts. How in winter the tree is bare and one sees throught it, and how our true thoughts might be compared, not to branches or leaves, but to birds. But then I though this was preposterous, and deleted the two haiku on this theme from my blog!:)

  3. Blogger has been a real adventure the last couple of days. Very sad.

  4. borut: how can that be preposterous? Anything that makes us think about life can never be that. Go ahead and repost. I look forward to read your view points.

    pat: I have had enough of blogger adventure. So much so that I am sick of it.

  5. i've been locked out of blogger for a while too :(
    love this one
    close to my heart
    i spend a lot of time gazing out of rain-covered windows

  6. i like this one.
    sometimes tears have a cleansing effect on the mind...

  7. Blogger has been very frustrating. Nice metaphor, Gautami.

  8. Like that numb feeling tho...

    I hope ur doing ok. HUGGGGGGGGZ!


  9. Beautiful as always! Now get over to your new home and wow us with something equally deep!

  10. I love this. I have some of the same thoughts and feelings. Lovely.

  11. this is lovely!
    water is the universal cleanser. :)

  12. Gautami you have written a universal feeling. I related to this immediately.

  13. Lovely and touching--
    Let those sad thoughts slide away--
    making soft trails down your mind...

  14. floots: I like the water flowing down the glass surface. This poem just formed in my mind.

    polona: tears are very important. Without those we would go mad.

    mb: yes.

    keshi: yes girl, I am fine. Thanks.

  15. the michael: Thanks. I will go post something soon. I do not really have anything new. I might look into my archives and post.

    anon: universal feeling, eh?

    richard kay: thanks!

    dsnake1: Right on mark, you are!

    magiceye:thanks! Do keep coming!

  16. andrew:thanks. I love your comparisions too.

    ces: yes. Thanks.

    firebird: I do try but somehow those keep sticking around.