Thursday, 4 January 2007


images of bare bones
talks of missing limbs,
with no trace of flesh;
only the mere skeletons
not a drop of blood.
just broken pieces,
the sight of these
day after day,
makes me throw up
i go insane thinking-
how can anyone be
so diabolical
to molest, maim

finally kill
cutting to pieces,
throwing in the drain
behind the house.

is it a devil or a demon
in the guise of a human?


Raw and bleeding, not edited.

This is a true account. 38 children in the age group of 3 to 20 have gone missing since past three years. Most from very poor families. The police did not file any reports despite repeated pleas by the parents. Now 23 skeletons have been discovered in a drain behind a house in Noida, a place near Delhi. Check here: Nithari killings. The children were sexually assaulted before being killed. Organ trade is not ruled out either. The person accused couldn't have done it without the connivance of the police and higher ups. No punishment is severe enough for the involved persons. Most of us have just gone numb seeing the images. I can't even fathom what is happening.


  1. oh, that's horrible!
    dark poem, but well done.

  2. How heartbreaking for the families!
    So very sad!


  3. I've been following this gruesome discovery on NDTV...diabolical, is what it is. I think your poem is bold, graphic and powerful, I'm glad you wrote it.

  4. Diabolical sums it best.

    In the last two weeks I saw two movies - in a damned and futile attempt to escape the reality of the world - only to find myself sinking with the sick stomach realization that we, the most gifted and blessed creatures are the most cruel. To our own.

    The movies, in case you're curious were not related to the plight of your tender poor babes, but painful reminders nonetheless that we as a species have been caught in the diabolical for as long as sands have covered (and, sadly, probably will continue to cover) the great continent:

    The Nativity
    Black Diamond

  5. Gautami, you nailed it right. It is pure evil.

  6. You know, I think humans may have invented demons in our own image, not the other way around...
    Some humans are so evil as to be impossible to understand.

    I do like your poem.

  7. pure evil is right. i shudder that such acts exist on the planet. i have to remind myself that there are plenty of good decent people who have the power to change things like this. if only we would...

    thanks for the unsettling's a start.

  8. It's hard to think of things like that. Wonderful work, though.

  9. Hmmmm . . . there is some heavy karma playing itself out here on the victims' side . . . and no doubt some heavy karma to play out in the future for the killers. I feel sad for all concerned . . .

  10. everytime i see this in cnn or bbc...i get scared and angry. and the way the less fortunate is being discriminated by the police over there...

  11. This is the ugliest part of (in)human terror..

  12. Our world grows sicker and madder by the day. there is no word to describe such atrocity.

  13. how terrible, my heart goes out to the families, to be poor and to have no one to advocate for you while madness reigns. Thanks for the poem and the reminder (as if we need one) that all is not well in the world. May we speak up for those who can't speak up for themselves. May your words help call attention to not only the horror, but also the injustice of turning a deaf ear to the pleas of the parents

  14. Hi Gautami
    Delhi is outraged...
    May peace prevail... everywhere... this new year.

  15. Horrid
    Just as horrific is what you said about the police inaction.
    Child abuse is an area I actively volunteer for. How I wish I could end it everywhere!!

  16. GT, I clicked too soon before commenting on your poem, so upset I am.
    Your poem says it clearly, what too many people hide from and won't face happens in our world.
    "broken pieces" says what happened in many more ways than the obvious
    "is it a devil or a demon
    in the guise of a human?......................................................"
    Strong chilling ending

  17. It strengthens me in the belief in another world, more perfect and just, in which such atrocities can be adequately redressed. But it’s terrible! And taking place all over the world. The world of the so called human beings. I think there’s something basically wrong with our understanding of the word ‘man’. It is generally believed that we are all born ‘men’. What if this is an ’honorific’ which has to be earned through our efforts as ‘average men’ to become better or even perfect men. In some traditions the idea of a perfect man is still used in the sense of a high ideal only achieved by a very small fraction of humanity. Maybe it is high time for the number of perfect men in the total global population to be increased. A wise man is reported to have said: Right people, right time and right place spells success. The rest is the human history as we know it. The Mayan prophesies describe the last twenty-year period before 2012, when their prophetic calendar ends, as the time of increased global suffering, though which the human race will be forced to activate its dormant human potential in order to be able to survive as a species. In an illustrative story some well-meaning disciples of a wise man are anxious to get going with their human evolution. ‘Yes, let’s get going,’ the teacher says, ‘but, first of all, let us get down from the trees.’idwauck

  18. I guess in general the news has been getting worse all my life.

    Between the world's leaders and its criminals - often one and the same! - it's hard to be encouraged over recent decades.

    I do wonder if as a species we're going to turn out to be "too stupid to live." If so, I think the universe will get along fine and it will just be too bad for us - to have wasted our own chance. But even mother earth, small a place as it is, will clean up our mess in time, if that's how things turn out. The sun has, what, another five billion years to burn? And the business of the cosmos (cosmoses?) will go on...

    And at least all suffering is temporary, unless one subscribes to the benevolent God who has people burn in hell forever notion, which to me only sounds like an all too human, over the top revenge fantasy.

  19. it's evil, pure evil.
    probably one of the worst crimes in your country. and the way the authorities handle the case sickens one further.

    at least your words is one of the ways to let the world know of your people's disgust and outrage of the crime.

  20. thats just disgusting! how can humans do that kind of thing to another human?


  21. polona: I wrote it as I have to let it out of my system.

    margie: yes, but does the govt care?

    lotus reads: This is one big media event for now. But what was it doing when kids went missing?

    lady wordsmith: I agree. We are the demons in disguise who do nothing and are slient and let such things happen.

  22. Ces, firebird, kj, andrew, richard, ghost, amalendu, pat: Evil is very much part of the real world. We are just unable to see until it flashes in front of our eyes.A few even justify it. Evil is evil. No justification.

  23. sage: Our world is not all good and beautiful. We have to live with the flaws and accept it. WE have to try to set it right. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don't. Negative only enhances the positive.

    moodsandcolors: Yes, let sanity prevail.

  24. gel: I work for the abused child too. I feel outraged, hurt but I have to be strong too. I wrote what I felt. Broken.

  25. borut: you summed it so well. I can't think of anything else. It is bound to happen the way we are going.

    percival: Your words give me insight.All we get is bad news from all over the world. Anything good fails to arouse us and we are apathetic to bad news too. WE aer just merely existing for our on sake. Selfish creatures that we arre. THe "I" is all prevalent.

  26. dsnake1: I agrre. Nothing can be as worse as this.

    keshi girl, what more can I say?

  27. I feel horrified and sad reading this. But you said it best, Gautami, "Negative only enhances the positive." We have to keep trying.

  28. Tragic does not do this situation justice.

  29. mb: It is very painful

    anon: I agree.