Friday, 27 June 2008

picking up the ladle, I smile at you------Sunday Scribblings

Photo: Rick Mobb

pouring the washing liquid into basin
I scour the vessels vigorously
as if my life depended on it
if only you knew how much truth
I hold within me
but you can't
you never could
now it is totally wrong on my part
to expect it from you
that obssessive part of me still wishes
for impossible things
picking up that ladle
I smile at you
your vision still so clear
even though you are gone
(well, I must agree, you do taste good)
pouring more washing liquid into basin
I again scour the vessels vigorously
to wipe your blood along with your bones


  1. Oh No! How horrid this seemingly
    sweet old lady is - could it be-
    has she murdered her partner?
    Excellent writing, you kept this
    reader unaware until the end.

  2. Vivid, beautiful, and sad. You are expert at using the everyday concrete images to convey a larger meaning.

  3. gag. cough. sputter.
    Nice little mystery story there.

  4. I am often in for such a treat when i read your posts!! This was a deliciously sad, yet mysterious and devious poem---excellent mix of sweet and sour!!! Here is my response to SS on vision:

  5. This is like an insidious, flash-fiction horror story! Very clever!

  6. (well, I must agree, you do taste good)...i had to read this twice to make sure i read right....and then, i continued reading and, yes i did!

    oh, my...dark and extremely good.

  7. that was terrific.. love stinks..

  8. Funny, I was taking this more metaphorically. Me, who sees the literal in everything.

    And to think I was grossed out yesterday by a discussion of turtle soup (still am, come to think of it)!

  9. ooooh You little sweeny todd you!

  10. I love how the photo of this sweet looking little old lady and the sinister goings on your poem implies compliment each other! Lovely work...if not a little horrific!

  11. ooh. how wonderfully evil. its really not related but for some reason it reminds me of this story by roald dahl. the wife kills her husband with the leg of a lamb she was going to cook for dinner. and then she feeds the lamb to the cops when the come over to investigate; destroying the evidence.

  12. Oh, I do like that character. A storyteller's dream.

  13. You've conveyed similar thoughts as Tweeny Todd. I conclude that we do taste good whether it's soup or pie if the secret is not revealed. I like the part on the smile before revealing the truth. Well Done!

  14. very quirky - very good!!!

  15. What was it about this post that made us see "dark" visions? Me too.


  16. That's one way to wash a man away. lol Well done, especially that last line. ;) xxoo

  17. lol! Well done! Lots of horrific fun!

  18. Ohhhh expertly done ... please send the list of ingredients!

  19. Hold within me? Taste good??

    Jeez, don't tell me it's what I think it is..argh!

    Vivid and graphic, and the end knocked me off my chair!