Wednesday, 4 June 2008

a perfect end?

getting off that crowded train was a relief
after a bomb scare,
we were stuck inside it for what seemed forever.
In the underground surrounded by milieu of people inside the train
and security forces outside of it, I felt fortified
scared was not what I felt,
claustrophobic was more like it.
after two hours when the train moved
and I reached my destination
I sighed with much heartfelt pleasure
picking up my stuff, I walked off jauntily towards the exit
as soon as I put my feet out
I was pelted with gritty sand
my hands reaching out to save my eyes
I stood there motionless along with others
all bearing the brunt of sand storm
one thought in everyone's mind, what else?

"I suppose it was fitting end after what we went through in that train"

*It is a true account. Happened to me last saturday.


  1. Oh my! Out of the frying pan... into the fire! Yuck! I hope this is not a true experience for you! I can so experience it with you though - it's well written, as always! :)

  2. Was that up earlier and I missed it? lol! Well, I'm sorry to hear it - that is frightful. I hope you went home and had a nice soak with some choc covered strawberries nearby - or whatever you do to pamper yourself! :)

  3. I can see the parallel you're setting up here between the potential bomb blast and the sand blast. Aren't you glad you escaped the former for the latter? :)

  4. I've been in a few scares myself. It is always disconcerting.
    You described it well.

  5. Oh dear Gautami, I do hope the week has gotten better.

    Rose sends her love.

  6. All the risks we take all the time without realising! glad to hear it was only a scare.

  7. Sometimes the best things happen by accident. I love the way you portrayed the emotional confusion.

  8. What a horrible day Tami! I'm glad it was a scare and not a bomb! Whew girl!

  9. Oh dear gautami, so scary to have something like that happen! Thanks for sharing it!

  10. Whoa. I like the way you describe not being scared as much as claustrophobic -- I can feel that.

  11. Better a sand blast than a bomb blast..........

  12. oh gosh, glad it was just a scare!

  13. Great eye-witness account, would work well as a newspaper report!

  14. I like the way you have transformed your fear into poetry. :)

    And I hope you are all right now. :)

  15. oh my! what a day! and kudos for putting it into words so well!

  16. This makes me remember that sometimes our emotions carry us beyond a logical conclusion, much to our dismay when reality intrudes.