Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Pages and pages of it.....WOW/3WW

While writing this, I can feel the rain-filled air in my face and the clean smell of the surroundings. With so much traffic and dust storms in summer, clean air is rare. This place is comfortable and I can see a small garden and children playing there. I like to sit here and watch them or watch young mothers talking to each other, talking about their children, no doubt! Or husbands, maids, in-laws, what not! My PC is here. Sometimes I write directly into it. You can also find books everywhere. I don't feel comfortable if I am not surrounded by books. At home that is.

Outside, it is not possible.
I carry my writing journal everywhere and write when I feel like. I can write in loose sheets too, if I don't have my journal. I can sit in the open, say in a park and still write out there. For us writers, one never knows where and when the muse is going to strike. I have another table where I can listen to music and write. The music inspires me and/or soothes me. It depends. In my previous house I had a chair which was like a part of me. I had to give it up as it was kind of too big for this house. I loved sitting there, lounging and jotting thoughts in my journal. It will take a while to find a corner here.

The long summer days too, are conducive both for reading an writing. I get up early to write or stay up late writing. Wrting what? Poetry, prose, reviews, about books, you, me, everyone.
Noise does not bother me. I can loose myself in when I write. I can watch people and write. I can write anywhere except perhaps in the bathroom, which I never tried. That's becos I am in too much of a hurry to get out of it. Do you think, I should try writing there? Maybe someday..:)

For me writing spot is what I like to write, not any specific place. Confusing, is it? I write becos I can. Becos I have to. Where, it does not matter. My writing is the place, my place is the writing.. I can come to the page from anywhere. Sometimes writing is not as frequent as I would like it to be.. Or Maybe I prefer to slumber...


  1. I really love the idea that "my writing IS the place"..excellent.
    For those of us who spend more 'quality' time in their head than they do in the RW this makes perfect sense.

    Reality..what a concept?

    You're very clever to be ready to take notes at the drop of a hat..I forget about 5 postings a day...just as well really.

  2. guatmai

    I think you should write in the least once! And let yourself "be" there! I'll bet the impression will be literary genius!! Ha!

    I'd love to see pics of your area and everyday environs.

    Writing everyday...everywhere...what a wonderful means for being in the day!

  3. Gautami, I loved this piece of writing -it tells me so much about you, for I can picture you in each one of the places you described so perfectly.

    Perfectly lovely - thanks so much for contributing this to Write on Wednesday :)

  4. writing is something you do well and you have proved it again with this piece.

  5. I agree with Polona -- you are so good at it!

  6. I'm fully with you on this one. I write every day, and have so for a quarter century. I have complete books, unpublished, thousands of shorter pieces. It's a drug, and I'm sure I'll be writing on the day I die.
    And the notes, ideas - reams of them, so many I doubt I will ever write most of them, as new ideas demand immnediate attention.
    We're addicts, I'm afraid.
    And as for books, they fall from the bookshelves in which I'm cocooned ...

  7. a most enjoyable post.. you have opened another window into your life and my response is thank you... you have spoken well of the writers heart to write... beautiful.. you are as if unfolding a beautiful spring flower..

  8. Hi Tami, I'm amazed at your concentration woman! I'm sorry you had to give up your chair but it sounds like you can write anywhere. Yay for us!

  9. Nice piece of writing about writing!

    Hope you find a new "chair" soon!

  10. I haven't written in the bathroom either. I too carry a notebook around and jot stuff down every chance I get.
    Writing is a habit and I understand how much a passion it is to fit it in.
    Sorry you lost your favorite chair.
    I love it that you are still writing!

  11. I love that you can write anywhere at the drop of a hat. I am still working on that. I will put my soft-cover moleskin in my purse today!
    Do you count soaking in the tub as writing in the bathroom??... because I have definitely done that, but it's not very comfortable.

  12. I love this one, it captures our insatiable need to write.
    Maybe writing has become an extended part of us, a part we cannot do without.

  13. My writing is in my head, it's in my blood, my heart and soul.

    Sometime my mind races too fast for me to keep up. I wake in the night and the brain is ticking over and over.
    It can become obsessive and intrusive in the lives we lead.
    What do we do aye?

    We write some more............

  14. Interesting all the sights and sounds from your wondow, on the far side of the glove from me, yet universal. When we all write together, we are connected.

    PS: I found two books for you from the South. :)

  15. I can relate to you on this. When that flood of thought appears in my head I need to pen them down irrespective of the place :)

  16. You did a wonderful job describing your surroundings. Very nice.

  17. I also carry my writing journal (almost) everywhere and can pen something in it anywhere. The only deterrent for me is if I think someone is reading over my shoulder... then the words stop flowing.

  18. This was thought-provoking for me. I used to write on paper a lot more often. But seem to always write at the computer nowadays. I know that I normally write better at night. And usually it has to be pretty silent :)

  19. That was fabulous. I wish I had my journal everywhere with me, so when the mood strikes, I'd be ready.