Saturday, 21 June 2008

writings on the wall------Writers Island

gleefully I move slowly
inside the ruined castle
I pause to look over a broken statue
behind one of the colossal pillars
I run my hands over it
loving the feel of it on my palms
going deeper I find many more
forgetting the time. only when
the silhouettes on the walls
come alive in the middle
of the dark moonless night
I become aware of my surroundings

I feel icy cold in midst of summer
tripping on something I fall
misted glass twist my mind
wiping it clean

waking up, I find the sky above me
along with the sun warming me up.
Looking down, I find I am still holding
a small broken stone statue


  1. Another intriguing one. You pulled me in perfectly.

  2. A deeper shade of the temple of doom, mysterious.

  3. How easy it is to become distracted and allow our perceptions to mislead our purpose.

  4. very mysterious..I like how much poem left for me to imagine and visualize.

  5. wow, this could be the beginning of an adventure story...

  6. very nice. loved the way it unfolded :-)

  7. as always.. a pleasure to read! :)

  8. umm, the power of words to create a place where one goes... another beauty in the misted glass g...

  9. The love of things past shines through, as does the sensation of getting 'lost' in the moment. Nice job!