Monday, 19 May 2008

stoicism----Read Write Poetry/Monday Poetry Train

And come ride the Monday Poetry Train...

that child as still as a unmoved rock,
with a stoic befitting a saint-
sat on the temple steps.
in the shadows of the night
he could be taken for a stone God
taken out of the sanctum
left there by some thief
in his haste to run.

only his eyes moved rapidly
like blinking lights-
when hunger pangs danced
wild in his belly-
he howled like a distressed dog,
waking the whole neighbourhood
from its lazy stupor.
pademonium broke loose

whose child was he?
he had been left on the temple steps
by his mother, and told to be quiet
so he had sat there for the past two days
as still as a unmoved rock
with a stoic befitting a saint,
until hunger pangs corroded his guts.


Lately I have been thinking of homeless children. I can't get them out of my mind. Hence my last few posts are somewhat about those children.


  1. Oh my God, Gautami - are you trying to crush my heart into pulp? SO sad.

  2. The central image of this, the 'stone' child, is very powerful.

  3. I seen a story on tv once about this happening to a boy at a circus....after 8 hours of no mom, a lady finally called CAS and in the end, she ended up adopting him. He was blessed with a pretty good life after that and he's thankful. The ones who remain like you described, just break my heart.

  4. Both this and the one below are beautifully done in a dark and foreboding way. You really have me thinking about homeless children also.

    Thanks for moving my heart today.

  5. I just wonder how a parent can do that to his/her child!
    I can fell the wait for that poor child, being all good waiting for his mommy! Sadening!

  6. How deeply moving, gautami! Thank you!

  7. That repetition in the third stanza is quite effective.

  8. Gosh, this is sad! I want to take him home and fatten him up!

  9. "taken for a stone God"

    beautiful and moving

    maybe you will adopted one of these homeless children or somehow help them? it is hard not to do more than we do...

  10. You do tragic beautifully. It shows how deeply you care.

  11. This was beautiful, Gautami... and hauntingly sad. I am not suprised that one as dear as you would be so moved about these children...
    thank you for writing such a touching poem...

  12. He tried do as he was told. I feel like his mother wanted better than she could give, otherwise, why a temple for the stone god?

  13. heart-wrenching stuff, and excellently executed

  14. wow. powerful stuff. it's so sad to know that this happens to a number of children. you have a talent with your words!

  15. so moving. the metaphor and images are sered in my heart.

    i love that this poem is also a story.

    thanx for visiting my mother's day photo essay last week and my heatwave haiku this week. sorry i am so late in returning them

  16. oh it's so clear, and so very sad; i just want to grab the child and take him and give him a nice warm bed and food, and tell him what a good boy he's been for waiting still for so long...

  17. I love the rock and stone imagery. Makes me think not only of the child being still, but of going unnoticed.

  18. I was going to say what Jennifer just did. The stillness and loneliness. And things are also immortalized in stone, so there is that feeling of endlessness as well...