Sunday, 11 May 2008

a child to love?------Read Write Poem/Monday Poetry Train

And come ride the Monday Poetry Train...

you got that child into your home
after much misgivings by well-wishers;
a girl with cherubic smile
looking at you with longing and hope.
abandoned by her birth parents
found by the authorities,
brought up in an orpanage,
she had seen more of life and its travails
then anyone can even imagine.
for three days, she followed you around
with love in her eyes, joy in her heart-
not wanting to let you out of her sight.
whatever happened in between
that you changed your mind,
leaving her back at the orphanage?
thinking of adoption is but noble-
actually going through it, is a big task,
not all women are capable of it.

"a child left to her devices yet again"


What I posted here, is a true account. I don't have any kind of sympathy for the people who thought of adoption but couldn't go through it. However, I can't stop thinking of that 4-year old girl, who did not deserve any of it. I can only hope and pray that she got real great parents, who love and cherish her forever. Would you like to pray for her too?


  1. And here was me thinking that adoptions were difficult ......

    That poor child.........

    I have a gun and am prepared to travel........

  2. poor child, I should show this to my sister who's thinking of adopting

  3. i think adoption has its pros and cons.. but it still the child who will continue searching its identity.. nice post

  4. Adoption is a serious undertaking... we have always adopted children in my family, from my own two oldest brothers to my sister and her daughter, to my aunt and uncle adopting an orphan from Viet Nam...
    the feelings of the child should be foremost. Thanks for sharing this poem about this child, Gautami...

  5. Adoption is so vitally important. This is a tragic state of affairs.

  6. If we could just think of the children first....

  7. What a tragic tail. That poor child. My heart goes out to her. You captured her plight very well in this poem. Another great piece!

  8. And thanks for participating in Jane's Inspirations!

  9. What a tragic story! Poor little girl. You told the tale so well in your beautiful poem.

  10. seems to be enough "unwanted" children about to wehre no one should have to have on eany more

  11. Kids get attach so much so fast, I understnad the feeling that have brought to you that poem! And I am picturing that little girl looking the person with all her hope into her eyes!

  12. I don't understand people, either. Or this world, at times.

    I also wish I could do more than ache for kids who have to go through situations like this one. It's so unfair and I feel so powerless. I want to help, but how?

  13. I can hear that little girl's heart being smashed on the floor.
    Cruel and Unusual punishment for a child who just wants to be loved.

  14. Thanks for this poem.

    (Is this the Dutch couple? Or were they Danish? The diplomat?)

  15. Breaks your heart. Thanks for this one, Gautami.

  16. it's horrible that children must audition to get a home. especially when it's rejection after rejection until one "works."

    i think of this dynamic often in life: what we make work b/c it's what we've been given vs. what we choose. seems if people are looking to "choose" a child, their expectation about parenting are going to be too skewed for anyone to measure up.

    so many people would love her, i'm sure.

  17. i hope and pray she is being loved right now, and is being taken care of. nice poetry.

  18. Gautami -

    I came to read this at your invitation. It is very moving, and far too familiar.

    As a child, abandoned at birth, and raised in my earliest childhood in an orphanage -- I know the confusion and emptiness such a child feels, in bed, alone at night, after the lights are out. It scars deeply.

    Some heal, some do not -- and unfortunately, it is not always adoption that is the cure.

    In my case, I was adopted into an abusive home. I got tough and angry. What social or emotional normalcy I may now possess, came much later in life -- once I was an adult, on my own in the world.

    It took quite a while, and many painful mistakes, before I was reasonably adjusted -- well into my 30's.

    I still have deeply suppressed anger, and carry a 'hole' in my soul, that will likely never fully close.

    The silver lining is, it made me a pretty good father -- or so my grown children tell me.

  19. Yeah, how sad. A friend of mine just adopted a baby after dealing with infertility for so long. Of course, that's the happy side of the story. The unhappy side - the 32 year old first time, single mother who didn't want the baby.

  20. ...painful read... for all kinds of reasons... i'd like to think that thrz more to the story than taking her back.. with much pain on both sides.. sometimes we make decisions with the best of intentions and things happen beyond our control...

  21. how sad to play with child's feelings like that!

  22. Count me in . . . as an adoptive mom praying!