Friday, 30 May 2008


finest piece he had ever carved
he looked it over
feeling pride swell in his chest

isn't labour of love
one good motivation?
giving it a final polish

drying it out
he carefully hid it
tears of joy spilling over

next few days
he waited for the right time
trying to seek out her,

his own flesh and blood
a convenient playmate
for his master's daughter

life took an unexpected turn
for no misdemeanour of hers
his daughter was sold to settle a bet

he threw the carving
smashing it on the wall
his heart broken to pieces

"dry tears of sorrow spilled nowhere"


To know where it came from, read my review of Roots by Alex Haley and my subsequent poem,
slaves to whom? after reading it.


  1. Love your words!
    I wish I "got" poetry more though...

  2. An excellent, romantic, poetic response to a great injustice imposed on an entire people.

  3. Sadly, a repeating story. We never learn.

  4. This makes a very challenging statement in such a beautiful, poetic way.


  5. How I commend you for creating poetry inspired by your read of ROOTS... it takes a genuinely noble person to face atrocities such as slavery- but a visionary-like artist to apply that 'review' to a poem. great JOb!!

  6. What a wonderful addition to your pieces on Roots. You really seem to have got right inside the subject and almost made it your own.

  7. I felt his anguish. Mission accomplished my dear.

  8. I love that last line! Sounds like Roots had quite an effect on you!

  9. Simply gorgous. You done good!

  10. i was wondering if this was a continuation of yr previous post.. looked again and yes, it is.. slavery is not something we can get over easy... another good write...

  11. Beautifully written - his daughter was sold to settle a bet. Powerful and well written.

  12. Ah! Your touch with words continues, ever as inspired.

  13. Thoughtful, beautifully written and sad viewpoint of a travesty. Thank you for sharing and for visiting my work too. I'll be thinking of this poem a lot.