Friday, 9 May 2008

moon faithfully fantasizes---Writers Island

was it but a year ago, the moon shining bright,
(etched in my mind, so well);
I strolled with my loved one in the orange light,
our voices intermingling like twinkling bells

suddenly the moon grew dull-
my love seemed to have sprouted wings;
he appeared a face of a smirking skull
what I felt in my heart was a ghastly thing.

fantasy was it? for my love lay still
within my arms, his eyes aglow;
wondering why my lips were chilled.
silently I pulled him closer, kissing him so.

one year gone, the moon is still bright.
too bright, like a ghost of woe;
I am standing by a newly dug grave tonight
with a wrecked heart, it's bizarre you know.


  1. Definitely bizarre! How'd you come up with this so fast?

  2. Chilling !!! And creepy !!
    And hopefully will stay a fantasy !

  3. This gave me shivers down my spine.

  4. It is funny that I understand this only too well.

    Kind of like rain falling on a winters day......

    I actually dwell in it as well.

  5. wow! that was definitly .... chilling... bizzare.. and so different :)

    good one!!

  6. Creepy, almost like a nightmare come true...
    Totally love it :D

  7. Definitely not a bedtime story!

  8. newly dug grave..was it meant to be figurative? ...

  9. Yikes!

    Well done . . . . and yet, so eerie!

  10. Wonderful! Very creepy, I love it!

  11. The floorboards in my hallway keep creaking. I am reading this at night. Aaaaahhh. You have a gift for the spooky stuff!

  12. Quite creepy but I'd like to dwell more on the affecting underlying hints of pain concealed between the eerie lines.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques