Wednesday, 19 December 2007

repainted pathways---Totally Optional Prompts

tea leaves a residue of fine dust,
bottom of mug looks smug.
future is held in crisscrossing leaves
for those who believe in it.
drinker lets it stand to dry
to read signs of what would happen next-
little knowing pathways get repainted
by themselves with routes chosen.
picture of boredom is but a metaphor-
roads traversed by a mortal can never be drab.
each movement catered for its betterment
taking detours notwithstanding.

‘tea leaves a residue of fine dust- mug waiting to get washed’


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  1. DO NOT wash the mug.....
    spoils the tea.

  2. I like the use of hyperlinks in poems that point the way. btw to you use the Cooliris Previews add on to Firefox? It's a-a "cool"

  3. "roads traversed by a mortal can never be drab.
    each movement catered for its betterment
    taking detours notwithstanding."

    loved these lines!

  4. Michele sent me to read your beautiful poem. I will look at my cup of tea differently today :)

  5. Love the line 'tea leaves a residue of fine dust'
    You must be talking about fortune telling here.

  6. Nice poem. Reminds me of Robert Frost.

  7. it's the taking detours notwithstanding that really sings to me!

  8. You have such a great way of looking at things my friend. Have a cuppa and relax.

  9. Ah, and it all relies on a person to pay attention or miss all the detail and hence remember only the drab.

    I like this.

  10. funny thing,, that reading tea leaves and coffee grounds... never quite understood it,, takes all the pleasure out of drinking it too i think....

    lovely poem tho.....

  11. There's something wise about a smug mug with a residue of fine dust! Good poem...

  12. Very fun images. Someone must take on reading dry cappucino foam.

    Interesting solution (Mr.Linky) to the Blogger problem, too.

    SB @ Watermark

  13. "Routes traversed by a mortal can never be drab." How true! We all make life colorful! I like this thought!

  14. sounds like the many mugs setting on my desk and bookcases in my office! you are such a poet--btw, I'm now reading Mary Oliver's book on writting poetry

  15. future in a cup of tea?
    some firmly believe in such a thing...
    this poem can take as different places, though, and that's why i enjoy it so much...