Wednesday, 12 December 2007

cawing-----Totally Optional Prompts

crows sit on window ledge
cawing away to glory.
some consider it cacophony

croaking cry, no help.
deemed as ugly birds
raven are much maligned.

clean environment
scavenging. dark eyes
stare, speaking to our soul.


Crows have become scarce here. That is something to be worried. They are not harbinger of death, as some think. Crows keep the environment clean and balance the law of nature by consuming on small rodents etc.


  1. I tend to prefer the outlook of the Native American tribes when it comes to various animals. Each one has it's place in the natural order of things.

  2. Where we live, Gautami, the crows are numerous, but water is not. We are in a severe drought and that worries us a lot. Michele sent me.

  3. < a href="">Window Within Myself< /a>

    I feel Squre is right that every animal has a place in its natural order...I like how you potrayed crow ...not many of us looks at crow...

  4. They do look right into your soul, don't they? Well observed.

  5. We have crows around here but I don't know if they have become scarce too... that's something to investigate. And probably something to worry about, too...
    Michele sent me to say hello :)

  6. Crows are very intelligent and play a vital environmental role. Itssad that they're becoming more scarce in India, Gautami, along with your vultures too, that also play a similar environmental role. We've never had vultures in Scotland but we have plenty of crows and they seem to be increasing.

  7. Ain't that the way: the wise guys lose.

  8. Their ability to unnerve is unique. Winged-death I think.

  9. i think they are lovely mysterious creatures... i have lots of them here,,, wish i could share a few.....

    lovely verse guatami....

  10. When I saw the prompt I had crows on mind almost immediately

    Have you heard of a subhashita in sanskrit, it goes like this

    Kaka ahvayate kaakaan
    Yachaka na tu yachakaan
    Kaka yachakar madhye
    Varam kako na yachakan

    it means
    When a crow spots food, it invites all other crows, where as when a beggar[human] spots food, he wants it all for himself.
    So between the two, crow is the better one not the beggar[human]

  11. I like this! It speaks to many levels...

  12. Having gotten into a habit of feeding crows everyday...I so understand the last line so well...
    **stare, speaking to our soul.

  13. We still have crows here and sometimes they fly in a kind of abstract formation...In groups....It is quite beautiful, I must say!
    I like that poem a lot!

    What do you mean "blogger has gone deaf"?

  14. "stare speaking to your soul"

    Beautifully put.

  15. When I think of crows I see scenes from Hitchcock's film....poor crows got some bad press there!

    Nice poem Gautami!

  16. Oh Gautami, a lovely tribute to a wonderful bird. I am saddened that they are in decline in India. Here crows are on the rise; they are an opportunistic species, clever and capable of making a place in urban environments. Ravens are a different species here in the states, larger, with a different structure.

    All are magnificent. I love yoru second line, especially.

  17. I like this. I didn't know crows when I was growing up because where I lived had once been the yearly meeting site of the National Crow Shoot. Eventually, there were no crows left to shoot and by the time I was around, they were all gone from there.

  18. hi Gautami, I've been following your blog for some time now and I've got inspired to write more and try my hand at various prompts. I love your share of poems. Do you write short stories or fiction as well?

  19. I like crows, they are intelligent and social.

  20. Good news Gautami, Blogger has rolled out OpenId everywhere. :)

    Happy now. ;)



  21. interesting that they clean the enviroment. lets hope they dont disappear

  22. http://mybackyard.blogsome.com16 December 2007 at 07:30

    Good twist on crows.

  23. Love the introspection here! That last line made the poem.

    I'll try a "live" link mainly because I'm link challenged and want to see if it'll work! Once in a while I get it right and they work. It didn't on 3WW this week. I'm still not sure why. I'm pretty sure I entered it correctly especially after studying your directions here. Anyway, here goes.

    linda's poems

  24. Okay, that didn't work. On the mistake page, the address line said, and I know I didn't type that! I don't get it. This is what I did except for the spaces after the angle brackets:

    < a href="">linda's poems< /a>

    Any ideas what I did wrong? Thanks!

  25. Thanks for replying so quickly! I copied it, pasted it into a word document, took out the spaces, then copied and will paste it here:

    linda's poems

    I just don't see what I did wrong. It looks exactly like what I typed originally. There must be some little thing, though.

    Again, thank you!

  26. well done!
    it's easy to figure out i love crows although the most common hooded crows have multiplied here to become real pests.

  27. a lot that comes with a thought. a lot more with its hope. smile.