Friday, 28 December 2007

rediscovering---Sunday Scribblings

After I posted this, I thought this somehow fits this week's Sunday Scribblings prompt Now and Then.

perfectly still, you are aware of content
of that package. it cannot be a surprise-
not with that particular shape of box. you
impatiently rip it open, lovingly touching
what is inside. Long fingers strum through
wires. musical notes fill in silence, taking
me back to those childhood times when you
made me your audience, forcing me to
listen to your pitiful attempts. you had
to bribe me a few times to praise you
even when I wished to be as far away
as I could. with practice you turned
out good. before I could appreciate-
you were gone. to pursue that much
needed engineering degree, you gave
away your guitar. I hid my pain well
with a false bravado. you together with
your music were gone a long, long time.
realistic side of life took over, changed
priorities relegated hobbies to nothing.

light in your eyes made it worthwhile
for search of that elusive instrument
for a brother whose talent was lost.

This goes for my youngest brother, who needed to be re-acquainted with that guitar.


  1. That is a good story, Gautami. I said the same thing to my step-grandson on Christmas Eve. He is so obviously talented in music and he has let the guitar take a back seat to the computer. It is a shame.
    Michele would think so too!

  2. this was wonderful, thank you.

  3. An excellent post, well written.

    Michele sent me here.

  4. I like the turnaround, first forced to listen and later saddened by the transition. Then the hope of memories brought back to life. Nice.

  5. Your poem is music, notes strummed in chords. I like very much.

    I'm not formal by the way. ;)

  6. This reminded me of the love my old friend had for his base guitar and everything that it represented to him of his lost youth (his music, his band, the freedom of expression it bought, the chicks!) It was a a very sad day the day he pawned it and gave up the dream that he carried for so many years.

    I hope you brother goes back and picks up a guitar again.

    Beautifully, and evocatively written as always.

  7. I could never give up something I enjoy for pursuing something else, why didnt he take the guitar with him? I am glad is reaqauniting himself...

  8. I think this can be said for many different things for some of us..who have put somethings aside for a time in persuit of priorities..or real life...untill such a time we realise we need to make the time for certain things, or just Rediscover as u say...something we forgot ...Great poste..Michele sent me, glad I came!

  9. Beautiful and sad all in one poem. Thanks for sharing it with us. Keep up the good work. Have a nice day tomorrow.

  10. Someone named Michele sent me. ;)

    Hope your weekend has been good thus far.

  11. realistic side of life took over, changed
    priorities relegated hobbies to nothing.

    why is there no middle ground????

  12. I like how you pulled the reader into the poem right from the first line. I was unwrapping that present. So well done, as always!

  13. This goes for several members of my family, all of whom were talented guitarists and young composers. Beautifully written

  14. I came back for another read.

  15. Loved the lyrical lines and the emotion it evoked.

  16. Nice post! My brother took up his guitar after a long, long time and is playing gigs, traveling and writing his own music for CD production. It's nice when the then things return to now!

  17. You've given your brother the attention as his audience. You've demonstrated how much that you've cared then. Now, it's never too late to play a tune or two.

    I like the way you have painted the scenario in words.

  18. this is so moving Gautami! Happy New year!

  19. Hello Gautami, I hope you don't mind being tagged for a meme.

    I hope you have a wonderful 2008 and that your poetry will reach wider audiences and leave more people speechless with delight!

  20. Oh my I felt such a rush of sadness when I read that line about giving up the guitar.
    Sisterly love of the highest order expressed beautifully.
    Have a wonderous 2008.

  21. Wonderful poetic tale - I hope your brother finds his way back to music.

  22. such a wonderful piece of writing here. my piano and i have been through something similar.

  23. Good story Gautami......and I like how its set up.

    I did the same thing with my writing.....I put it aside for 20 years and almost lost it completely.

  24. That is a wonderful story, Gautami. Very beautifully written.

  25. Yes, Gautami, things lost, talents turfed...

    So did he ever take up the guitar again?

  26. Wow, I like this a lot!
    Very visual as well as musical.

    Happy New Year, Gautami!

  27. beautiful..i wonder if he knows how much you love him and his guitar that gentle weeps..