Friday, 14 December 2007

Dance of Life----Sunday Scribblings/FF/F5

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for December 14, 2007:
What is the skeleton in your character’s closet?
Friday 5 words: hinge, bite, conch, gatekeeper, Charybdis. Finally: Sunday Scribblings wants us to dance to its tune this week. I made all three dance to mine!

The mere mention of dance has people swaying. All of us know dancing, even if some claim they cannot. With the beat of music, our body starts sashaying. Dancing makes blood throb. Adrenalin starts flowing and it gives us a high like any drug.

In some religions, worship started with dancing in front of the deities. Ancient dance forms started from temple dancing, to the sound of conch. Right from their childhood, girls were initiated into it. Sculptures of females as gatekeepers depicted in the dancing poses. The doors carved elaborately right to the hinges.

WE all have heard of dancing dervishes who dance in a trance like state. That takes them into that state where they feel spiritually one with THE MAKER.

Dance for me has many connotations; least of all, the bodily movements. Any movement, which thrilled me, be it sports, or as simple as laughing makes me dance in spirit. Heart and mind can dance in coordination without it being outwardly manifested. A few times, I have had shoe bites while dancing stupidly in improper footwear.

When I was younger, rapid dance movements made my head feel like Charybdis spewing water over me in a whirlpool, which gave me a nauseating feeling. You can describe that feeling as everything other than the mere skeleton moving with nothing to hold you. Not until you fall to ground. Believe me, I have and not only while dancing.

A question: Is life a dance? All aspects of it?


  1. haven't had a good dance in a long time.. you made me feel like danging!!!!!

  2. Beautiful, thought provoking and great use of all three memes. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work. Have a nice day.

  3. I learned lots of new things reading this post!
    The dancers sound beautiful...

  4. Yes, would be the short answer. All of life is a dance at every level of existence. The long answer would take more lifetimes than have every lived.

    Look into the night sky and see the dance.



  5. I loved it, you reminded me of those temple dances that I havent watched in a long long time -

    As to your query, I think all aspects of life is a dance...the only difference is that one could be a spectator or a player..more fun being the latter.

    Impossible Tasks

    A picnic

    PS: You should try the new prompt from Mad Kane, would love to read some of your limericks. Thanks.

  6. I like that dancing doesn't have to be an actual dance but that it could be anything.

    I like how seem to be able to combined prompts and fit them in so well.

  7. Nice post..
    And oh yes oh yes.. life is a dance as beautiful as you want it to be!

  8. Indeed life is. Sometimes the steps are complicated and treacherous, at other times they are carefree and joyful. Nice piece today, Gautami.

  9. Nice post, Gautami! Shoe bites is a word I can relate to...the movement in your writing is like a dance...

  10. Life is a wonderful dance but not always easy. Well done using your words to dance.


  11. Life is dance. Dance is movement and energy, and isn't life all about energy acting and reacting? I like your piece. It's really thought-provoking. Good job, G.!

    Closet Ghosts

  12. as much as life is made of music - sounds, life is also the dance - movement. the sway of the world, the movement of time, our interaction with the universe. What sets all dance apart is culture. but that too is created...sound and movement is natural.

    nice post.

  13. If life is a dance, then I would spend most of my time at the bar watching the elegant movements of others flash before my eyes.

  14. Great post! I enjoyed it very much.

  15. Heart and mind can dance in coordination without it being outwardly manifested.

    So true. I love the image of a dancing heart, twirling round in internal joy to a beat only it can hear.

  16. If life is a dance
    then it's probably a Tango
    A few steps forward
    Then alas, a couple steps back
    Work and life and love
    Luring pulling spinning pushing
    Perhaps I should take lessons

  17. First, congrats on creatively responding to three prompts with one post! Secondly, your thoughts on dancing are great. Life is a dance. I just sometimes don't know the moves.

  18. Yes... I do believe life is a dance... that I love experiencing... Now I'm really thinking I better sign up for some lessons too.


  19. challenging prompt excellently caried out. this may be strange - but i never liked dancing.

  20. Dance is a very spiritual activity. Whether you're in the privacy of your own home or out with friends, it's a very powerful force.

  21. I love the look of your new blog - wonderful post!

    The dancing spirit bit really got me, and I loved your clever description of shoe bites!

    Well done!

  22. "When I was younger, rapid dance movements made my head feel like Charybdis spewing water over me in a whirlpool..."

    What an image. That gave me pause. Thanks for the read.

  23. i think all of life is a dance. one we are all trying to learn.

  24. ha sometimes when I get the chance to hit the dance floor I look like a whirling dervish..
    dancing is definitely the BEST high!

  25. Thanks for the comments. I liked how you combined all the prompts form last week.

  26. Yes, life is a dance and unfortunately I often feel like I have two left feet!

  27. You post brought back my memories of the ashram.
    The monks in saffron robes would dance around the fire pit.
    I can see it now!
    Thanks for visiting.

  28. Yes....all of it is a dance as everything is moving, changing all the time. Great post. Thought provoking and vivacious!
    jodi barone

  29. I want to dance a trance dance and be at one with my maker. I LOVE this, gautami! You keep changing directions in your work, and I'm enjoying it.