Tuesday, 25 December 2007

mother's agony--Writers Island

ostensibly calm, churned to its core
vapid vapours need an outlet,
restlessness cannot last forever.
ignoring recalcitrant behaviour
causes more damage. plundering
by its children has to be punished.
that fissure widens spitting anger-
earthquakes, tsunami, cyclones
landslides are but different
manisfestation of that burning
rage. only by punishing herself-
a mother can discipline its progeny.


  1. interesting concept... although,, i really hope "mother" is not punishing us,, as we are doing a fine job of that ourselves......

  2. Yowie. I just finished reading Paisley's poem; you guys really have the destruction of the Earth on your brains.

    I hope we can find a solution...

  3. This is an interesting thought to our home - our living earth!

  4. I wonder, is it her rage or her sorrow, and does that make any difference at all...

  5. Nice metaphor - it reminds me of when my mother would say 'This will hurt me more than it hurts you' - she was lying, of course...

    But I'm with Paisley - where the planet is concerned we're doing a good job of kicking ourselves...

    hi gautami, Michele sent me to say hello :-)


  6. wow--like the message--the idea that we mistreat the earth and reap the fruits of our misguided efforts.

  7. interesting and relevant thoughts....shows how we take mother earth for granted.

  8. yea, the sad thing is that if we stopped harmed the earth right now it would all clear up. But we keep digging out selves into the hole of pollution. This is a very nice piece.

  9. Warning signs? But all these were present and are natural occurence even before humans' arrival here on earth. Sometimes, we just create our own paranoia. Mother nature loves us more than we think. Instead of worrying and scaring why don't we just go out of our backyards and plant a tree.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  10. quite a perspective, I do see things that way sometimes.

  11. It seems hopeless. Many think that Men are not at all responsible. All these are natural events and have happened for time immemorial. Can we truly say that we are not responsible? We do not harm the Earth, the environment? Do we not plunder it without any thoughts? If we close our eyes to it, how are we going to save it. For our children, grandchildren.

    Positive thoughts are all very good. If we don'rt back those up, where do we stand?

    jeques, don't even start to assume things about me that you don't know anything about. I am doing my bit. I do not have to tell you what and how.

  12. I may be more optimistic than this, but it is an interesting exercise to read everyone's thoughts on this prompt. Yours seems as legtimate as any other to me.

  13. i agree... there's no reason to be optimistic...
    something to ponder on, that's for sure.

  14. Interesting piece! I like the way you used such strong words to keep the pressure on!

  15. we certainly are hurting the earth too much, natural disasters and climate change may be natural to some extent but there is no doubt that the human race is adding to that.

  16. Interesting perspective - Greetings for 2008.

  17. A fine piece, but yet another pessamistic view on the state of Mother Earth. I'm am getting gradually more and more depressed reading through this weeks entries. Everyone seems to be focussing on the negative. I was standing aside this week, but I am now determined to write a piece to go some way toward redressing the balance