Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Blogger goof up and tutorial---3WW


The words for this 3WW are perfect for this post. I only needed to add the words. Sorry, folks no poetry this time but a rant! Please contribute!!


Are you listening, Google/Blogger? Thanks to you, I am losing all my non-Blogger user friends. Linking should have been made easy, you just made it difficult. You suck!!!

I am not getting any email notifications of the comments either. Now what?


**Update: Click on New feature:OpenID commenting and don't forget to rant there about this blogger high handedness.

As most have noticed by now, Blogger has taken down the "other" option in the comment sections. It was very useful for non-Blogger users as they could leave their direct link, using that option. Even I used to do that, preferring to leave my direct link.

It has come to notice that Blogger is testing for open id, whatever that means. Now, it is in the draft stage. You can find out more by logging in to http://draft.blogger.com/

So blogger users, get ready to make your comment section user friendly for those bloggers who use other blog platforms. That is the only way we can persuade our dear friends not to leave us in our hours of need. At present they come, visit and don't leave any comments. After a while they will stop doing that. We will twiddle our thumbs if they stay absent. Take down your notebooks and follow my instructions. Your time starts now..:-)

Log on in at http://draft.blogger.com/ After signing in on your blog, go to settings---->comments---->

Only members of this blog

After choosing the option Anyone, don't forget to save it. I repeat, save it.

View blog, come to the comment section, you will see something like the following:

This makes easier to choose any id, you are using. For example, if your are signed on to WordPress, you don't have sign in with Google/Blogger account again to comment here. Choose WordPress from the drop down menu, type your blog name, you are linked!

**** Friends, don't be confused. Read and re-read it. Go slow****

For the more daring ones: (it can be skipped for now. Come back later for it)

By opening an account at MyOpenId, blogger users, that is those with blogspot URLs, can leave their links too.

Before, Blogger gets to be an OpenId provider, you can do it NOW. There are several free, open websites to get an OpenID, which you can use anywhere that supports it. MyOpenID is one,which takes just a minute to sign up. After signing up, you need to add a code to your template head.

After much researching, I found OpenID Delegation , which gives the code that can be added to your blogspot template so it can function as your OpenID url. This is specific to MyOpenId. However, other OpenID providers would be similar.

Copy and paste the stuff given in the box here after changing the username to yours anywhere above < /head > of your template. And save your template. For better tutorial, visit here.

Now, if I choose Any OpenID from the drop down, I can put in
http://firmlyrooted.blogspot.com as
the url. It will then show as the link in the comment. By clicking
it, anyone can go to my page directly instead of the profile page.

Have fun exploring. I don't think you are going to have any problem. As I have taken that option,
feel free to comment here. You can test-comment too! Please don't forget to give me feedback on the tutorial.

However, I don't like this situation at all. Until blogger does it right, we have to grin and bear it!


  1. I am the only dummy round here......GET IT?

  2. Oh and I like the way you used colours in this post it added a hint of mystery about it enhancing the flow of words.

    Just kidding.........Thanks for the insight!

  3. Ok so that worked with the OpenID, except I'm not known to the world as hummingbunny. :)

    Let's see what happens when I change to nickname.

  4. That didn't work. :(

  5. Yes, Brian. It doesn't work the way we want it to. I have a left a comment to that effect at blogger draft blog. I don't want to be shown as firmlyrooted. I prefer gautami tripathy!

  6. I'm going to try a different sign-in and you let me know what one you prefer. :)

  7. Or I can use just plain old Brian.

  8. Thanks for the tutorial. It would have been nice if Blogger had informed everyone before changing the system w/o warning.



  9. I don't know how Blogger or the other OpenId work, but at Wordpress you can change the 'nickname' either permanently or temporarily in the My Profile section.


    I have to log in this way cause Rose is signed in today. I'll be off-line until later this afternoon.

  10. Gautami, I changed my nickname in the Wordpress profile.



  11. However, it is not working here. We can change the profile name.

  12. I don't think I like this openid thing. I didn't get an email of your comment which I usually get on my google email which I have it set in Blogger.

    Maybe they should have both options - the openID and the other for people to type in their name and link.

    I sign in using Any OpenID instead of my Blogger.

  13. I don't think I understood any of that!! LOL!!! (note 3 explanation marks coz I'm really confused)

  14. I don't enjoy doing anything but blogging and commenting

    This might be the thing that makes me stops blogging

    It's so not worth it. This past year has been all about social networks and links

    For people who just want to write and to comment, it's not worth it

    I'm trying using the "sign in"

  15. I have to say I am sorta lost! I have people that are in wordpress that comment... I will dig around further... there is an entire techno world out there for me to explore! I just need the time! hehehe Have a great week! I like the rant by the way. It keeps things fresh! =]

  16. Well, I'm getting e-mail notification of Wordpess comments, but not the AnyOpenId ones of yours. I'm going to go post that on the thread.

  17. Let me think this through...so far I don't see the problem, but I'm hardly functional today...I'll look at it again when I'm rational, sane, healthy and rich...thanks for your work and efforts!

  18. Gautami, thanks for this post. I've been wondering why blogger shut out the other blogging sites. I'm with Wordpress, and you might have noticed I use my blogger page only to link to my wordpress account.

  19. i have blogs all over the known universe... so i have been unaffected,, but i fear for those with limited skills and id's......why on earth would they continually fix something that is not broken???

  20. I am not getting any email notifications of the comments either.

    Glad to know I'm not the only one! I've been thinking people hate everything I write ;-) Kidding.

    It frustrates me to no end that they've made blogger so difficult to use for all the non-blogger uses. I frequently would just sign my name and leave my URL as I would be signed in with my personal email and wouldn't want to switch out to comment. Annoys me.

    Good rant :)

  21. Gautami, I am going to come back to this for reference, I found taking out the "other' option annoying too, thank you for taking the effort, wonderful tutorial.. thanks.


  22. I use Wordpress, but my comments have been screwy of late as well. My e-mail notifications sometimes come immediately. Other times, it has taken them a week to land in my inbox. It is really ticking me off!

    Hope your Google/blogger troubles get resolved soon.

  23. Gautami...I went back and left another comment on that link!

    This situation stinks, doesn't it???
    OY VEY!

  24. Ah, yes. I've already read comment-rants about this by a couple word press users--it seems as if Blogger's being xenophobic, doesn't it? I don't understand why this needed "fixing."

    Good post:)

  25. Everybody! Switch to a mac! and use iWeb! I just happen to have a blogger acct I don't use anymore, except for this. I think it's a nefarious scheme on bloggers part to improve their stats.

    Guatami, wasn't able to get a 3ww this week but wanted to offer a new poem:


  26. Thanks for your comment....I must say, the thought of trying to make a change to another server or whatever, just exhausts me!
    I hope Blogger gets ALL of these problems worked out to the satisfaction of their USERS!!!!

    I wish I undrerstood this whole ID thingy, but I don't, and frankly, do not want to, either! OY VEY! LOL!

  27. I'm still getting all my comments at blogger, so I'm confused about the hullaballoo. I see a different "Choose an identity" when I go visit, but that's the only change I see. I think I'll hang tight.


  28. crazy I had noticed but didnt give it much thought...that really is stupid when there are so many without....

  29. Thanks for the info about everything, Gautami. I wouldn't have known about open ID and the draft option if it weren't for you.

    I may try it when I get thru reading everyone's 3WW's this week.

  30. Much appreciated, Gautami. I was starting to get some comments from visitors that made no sense to me - until I read your note and saw that Google had been playing with the commenting settings again.

    I guess we'll have to endure a bit of pain before everything gets worked out. Thanks to your advice, it won't be so bad after all.

    Hiya from Michele!

  31. Thankyou so much for explaining this to me. Latelt it has been a complicated process commenting blogger blogs and I am old and slow and often foget what I am going to say by the time i have pushed all the buttons. You have many lovely poems here, gentle and reflective and intelligent. Very lovely.

  32. I didn't even know that Blogger had changed the other option until I read your post. I haven't noticed any of my comments being lost lately because of it but, I also haven't been blogging long. Have a nice night.