Saturday, 10 November 2007

random selections---Sunday Scribblings

our routes are set,
through familiar vicinity
for our comfort and easiness.
no visible marks are left.
nature’s trail strolls
all through field forest and hills
with breathless simplicity,
there is no simulated shock here

each foot seeks out its own
set of laws and convention.
paths collide or converge from time to time
tar and soil congregate.
the fatalities of their assembly lie
unmoving. frozen. mottled.
every ephemeral instant splashes its own suggestion
yet we go by unmindful of our part

~selecting left or right randomly~


  1. Good post. Conjures the "what if?" thought very well.

  2. I like the idea of each foot seeking its own way, its own laws. Good write. :)

  3. Puts me in mind of another poem about "roads not taken."

    I love these lines -
    "each foot seeks out its own
    set of laws and convention.
    paths collide or converge from time to time..."

    Lovely :)

  4. yet another powerful poem. i like it!

    by the way, i've got something for you at my blog. come visit when you are available.

  5. i have to wonder if perhaps our random decision making is not more often brought upon us by convenience......

  6. I hope I'm not rooted and I hope I make the right choice for left or right! Good take on this week's prompt!

  7. Beautiful verse ... there is nothing random about your talent! Peace, JP/deb

  8. "paths collide or converge from time to time"

    Nice. So good to collide with you. Nanowrimo too? You amaze me!

  9. Beautiful poem, somehow reminiscent of Frost's "Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening".

  10. This is very good, Gautami.....a lovely write.

  11. you have a beautifuly way with the eloquence of expression!

  12. Makes me want to go for a walk! :)

    Hey Gautami, thank you so much for the nice award!
    It's nice to have friends in the blog world, and the real world. That's the thing I've loved most since starting this site - interacting with people half way around the world!
    But it's also nice when those same people pay you a compliment. :)


  13. Hmm, I need to think about it so simple as random? I need a second read, going back.

  14. I was taken by this poem. I too especially liked the line "each foot seeks out its own set of laws and convention.". Heck, I liked all the lines!

    Thanks for commenting at Spatter.

  15. Reference to random is so real - even though we assume it's right, it might be left. Nice work!

  16. Gautami, How do you do this? Produce such powerful images week after week.
    It's impossible to grasp them all in just one reading.

  17. I so love when you spin your post as a poem. It's wonderful, the poetry.

  18. gautami,
    I love those carefree times when I can follow the whimsical path and find new there.

  19. I love playing random travel games. Well done!

  20. Lovely poem about 'freedom.' Great imagery. Thanks!