Wednesday, 7 November 2007

chewing sums--3WW


radio plays on my favourite songs,
i tap my feet on the cool surface-
chewing on my ball point pen.

scattered mathematics books beckon
my attention. i carefully chose sums
for the next assignment, taking care

not to repeat. modern algebra has
made my mind ancient as of now.
scrawling that final question to paper

i relax on my chair, closing my eyes.
soothing music compensate for
difficult problems of trigonometry.

~radio plays on those sad old songs~


  1. I love how you weave your job through your poetry. How did your favorite songs become sad old songs?



  2. I like this, Gautami! I would definitely need the compensation of the radio for maths GRIN.

  3. Took me back to high school.:)

    It reminded me of days gone by.

  4. How do you do it? It's beautiful--and manages to mingle math--my most feared of all subjects with the modern world

  5. Not sure if soothing music would help my trig function! Nice post!

  6. I enjoyed this trip back in time... but... I loved Advanced Algebra and Trig O:) Now, had this been about Geometry, oh man, I sooooo would have been feeling it! :)

  7. Lovely. I can remember studying beside the radio after school. Nice job.

  8. A Tad musical one might suggest.

  9. Nice poem. Music can help free the mind of almost any burden. I am drawn to sad songs as well. They are very comforting, like an old friend. Save the zippity doo dah for simpler minds.

  10. Very nice.
    I just couldn't get inspired by these words this week, but I see you've done a wonderful job!

    Michele sent me again!

  11. This had a simple and pleasant air to it. I don't know how you turned mathematics into a poem, but well done :)

    I often let myself get distracted by music when I'm trying to write.

  12. I always hated math and was a music major. :)

  13. Play me those sad songs!
    Nice poem Gautami.
    Every evening I sit and struggle to get my son through his maths homework - I might mail it to you in future!!

  14. Would those be the old rafi's that I love! Or kishore kumars..lovely. And math is my fav too.

  15. I love that you brought music and math together, I used to love algebra and trig.

  16. Oh, good. You did write something.


  17. nice, favorite songs to sad songs...

  18. What a coinky-dink!
    Why just this morning I was telling someone else that I was listening to the radio as I fiddled with a microscopic, nonlocal response theory that I am developing to model the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with inhomogeneous nanoscale clusters.

    As you are well aware the breakdown of classical continuum-field Mie theory is demonstrated at a critical coarse-graining threshold, below which macroscopic plasmon resonances are replaced by molecular excitations with suppressed spectral intensity and OH listen..
    the radio station is playing Rockin' the Casbah by the Clash!!

  19. sad old songs and math... only you can make a great poem out of these.

  20. i like it...smiling math never knew it could be so goood

  21. I love listening to music when doing math, it seems to come easier that way...:) you captured those feelings wonderfully!