Monday, 26 November 2007

post haste----Writers Island

Writers Island prompt is letters.

ineligible, chaotic language
spills into paper-
too fast, too numb,
befuddled sensations, mixed-
creates havoc with writing,

hastily pen moves,
ink splodges on sheets-
fingers shake, yet I know

what I do is right.
churned to core,
beating heart grows cold.

finishing, I seal it
sending it post haste,
before I change my mind.


  1. Wow Gautami This is a masterpiece as well. Would love to read that hastely written letter.

  2. I am glad you sent it out, reminds me of all those unposted letters that I wrote, leaves me wondering about the what-ifs..loved tihs one too.

  3. I loved this poem...when I hear the word takes me so far ..I feel you have a lot into yourself within the words


  4. very powerful post! i have written letters like that...

  5. What a great piece!Such pace. You can't help but read it as fast as the letter was written.

  6. i'd always rather post and regret
    stay silent and regret
    thank you

  7. someimtes, though, the second thought is the wiser. then again the second thought, and wisdom, denies the self. damn souble edged swords...

  8. To pause and think has no place in the tumbling emotions of the cold heart.

  9. I have been here a couple of times, and I'm always quite impressed. Not sure if you have heard or have any interest, but there is a poetry contest that has a top prize of $10,000 and other prizes. Just click my name for the site. Whatever you do, just keep writing...

  10. That's a great poem, Guatami. I have been in the position of sealing a letter and mailing it quick, before I change my mind (and later wishing I could break into the mailbox to get it back). :)

  11. There is something more tangible about sealing that letter and dropping it in the box, than pushing the send button... you know though, I've sat and waited for the postman to come and open the box and other times... the letter went its way never knowing what happened on the other side... great post!

  12. I always enjoy your contributions!!! This is awesome

  13. always well equip with words, nicely done

  14. I think this has got to be one of my recent favorites of yours, Gautami. I like how the theme is doubled -- writing and the actual letter -- and yet that remorse that so many of us know so well...

    Yep. Definitely one of my recent faves.

  15. that was fast paced...and the emotions came through so well!!!

  16. I was taught to blow off steam by writing a letter and then putting it a drawer. Now however I feel much better by going off on a rant and letting the whole world know what an idiot I am.

    It IS easier to get forgiveness than permission.

    You need to enter that contest.

  17. Bootiful!

    And insightful, as usual.

  18. Oh no. Sounds like the letter writer is heartbroken and mad.