Friday, 16 November 2007

Burden of Carrying---Sunday Scribblings

Sunday Scribblings makes us write about I Carry...

bronze coin tarnished with age
lost in the recesses of my bag
somehow makes me feel more
secure. carrying this talisman
since how long, I do not know.

only way I can have dad by my
side that same coin picked out
from his assemblage of hundreds,
I singled out his all time favourite.


Carrying is part and parcel of life. We human beings have a tendency to hoard and carry things forward. All those stuff, we have not needed for years still end up being there forever. I suppose we are all programmed not to let go, may it be things, feelings, emotions or thoughts. We carry excess of baggage everywhere. While travelling as well as in our minds.

We need to let go. Only true power over ourselves is to shed what we always carry, shedding like a skin and start afresh. It is not as easy it seems but we human beings can do it, if we try hard enough. The point is we do not want to. In fact, humans revel in it.

My motto in life is to move forward, leave the past behind, learn from it but not dwell on it. Carrying forward should not get on the way of living. It should not take over life.


  1. I agree. Carrying it forward so that we can link to new learning and new horizons......and then letting go.

  2. Me too, it's very difficult to let go, but let go we must, after all - we carry nothing when we leave this world, then why must we burden the journey? Thought provoking post, Gautami, thank you.

  3. Your blog is always one of my favorite visits. It is so hard to let go.

  4. I couldn't agree more. Remembering the past is necessary, but to dwell in it too long so that it impedes us from moving forward, is unhealthy. The best way to honor the memory of those no longer with us is to live our lives to the fullest, knowing to do so would have made them proud.

  5. I loved your poem, it gave a real sense of this small object with it's very big importance to you.

    Lovely :)

  6. Very nice poem.....this prompt brought up my Dad for me too.

  7. Find a penny, pick it up,
    All day long, you'll have good luck!

    I use to be a hoarder of things, then we moved alot and I learned to let the past go and move on.
    Great take on this week's scribblings!

  8. Literally when my mom died--well she had a lot of clothes and things. My sister was afraid to throw out the stained stuff--as my mom had been blind at the was so liberating

    I cleaned out my storage cage yesterday and gave away most things. As I'm going to give away most things from my apartment

    It feels liberating and thrilling especially coming from a family that --well my sister bought my parents house so she could go through each one of my dad's papers. 12 years later is still sorting

    I feel the same way about life. It's too short to be burdened with unnecessary baggage

    Somehow giving things away helps that one come true

  9. Very nice post!!

    Thank you for coming to my blog!!

  10. maybe for some there is no letting go, and for some they cant learn to let go, and for many there is nothing more important to let go to. Made me think. :)

  11. great point.. it should not take over life... but sometimes letting go is sooo difficult. :)

  12. good poem,, great advice... some days it is easier than others... but i know what you say to be true.

  13. That's a great little poem about keeping your dad's favourite coin with you, so you have a part of him with you always.

    I think some things we definitely need to let go of, but we can't just ditch it all in the garbage.

    Even feelings of sadness, to some extent, need to be kept around as reminders of what went before.

    ...Without focusing too much on them but, as you said, to learn from.

  14. Nice to have a talisman from such a close source! Yes, carrying too much can be far worse than nothing at all! Good post!

  15. Very touching. The two items I saved that represent my dad are really strange. A dried up orange that I watched waste away and a piece of Velcro from the photo boards we made for his wake. People and Love are funny.

  16. I am the worst at this... I'm a pack rat who has difficulty letting go of grudges!

  17. Let us hope this is not a mooncalf in full swing!

    Brilliantly written as always.

  18. I like the poem and your comments. Some of my relatives are "keepers" and others are "shedders," some of each to extremes. I strive to find a healthy place somewhere in between.

  19. True, very true, but as you say - not as easy as it sounds.

  20. this is so true. and i love the poem.
    i try not to hoard. i try to let go. fortunately, i have a small home so it is easy and neccesary to purge.

  21. For better or for worse, probably worse, I hoard.
    Nice post.

  22. ah yes, the baggage we carry with us... emotional as much as material.
    perfectly rendered, gautami.

  23. Beautiful poem. And we should all learn from the past and not dwell on it.

  24. Hi,
    thanks for stopping by my place.
    We carry things as much as we carry people. Come think about it...

  25. Amen. Love the new look. Miss the old photo. But I'm not one to talk about photos.

  26. Beautiful... something so small with so much meaning and so easy to pass forward if we will but let it go...