Sunday, 18 March 2007

Wrong can never be right, right can never be wrong!

today she finds herself
in the abyss of darkness

where black holes absorb
all that they can,

leaving her with nothing
but never-ending pain.

comprehending fully well;
wrong can never be right.

sucked into that vortex-
how does she come out?

blinded by this throb;
she can’t find her path

will she find a new one
or retrace her steps?

whatever the outcome,
mind will know the right one.


  1. Talk about outstandingly well done and thought provoking!

  2. well done again, gautami!

    but... i'm not able to distinguish between right ot wrong so clearly... so many things that start for the right cause turn out wrong... and even some things started for the wrong cause can turn out right...

  3. Oh Gautami, I can identify with this poem. I feel so blue today and I wish I wrote it. You have great creative expressions.

  4. ah, the wisdom to know the difference. sometimes it's not so easy....

  5. Kind of touches a nerve.
    Superb simply superb

  6. Ah, the struggle between what we know and what we feel. Bravo, JP

  7. hi, Gautami!

    Lovely to see you being so prolific! Sorry I haven't been reading as much, but I have been on hiatus (only the reading blog).

    I have been in the abyss many a time and whenever I've come out of it I find I am prompted to take a new path. It's the whole healing/self-reflection process.

  8. Sometimes it happens exactly this way. We do not see right or wrong and head along.

    polona: it is not about right or wrong causes. It is more on ethucs really.

    Thanks my friends for your continues support.

  9. you wrote this preceding my fall. it is so very well written. i am with ces on this one...